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I don't think you would want to use the same head on a monopod as you use on your tripod .

My ball heads weigh several pounds each and would make a light monopod not so light . Manfrotto makes a seperate line of heads for the monopods. I think they do share the same quick release plate as the new ball heads now. (in the past they did not have the same quick release plate).

Regarding the pod with feet, it will stand alone, it will not Safely stand alone with a SLR mounted on it.
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Originally Posted by PeterP

Regarding the pod with feet, it will stand alone, it will not Safely stand alone with a SLR mounted on it.
Very true Peter. It is meant as a stabilizer and not a stand-alone tripod. I have one and it is a nice feature because you do have much more stability without taking up the leg space required of a tripod. Great for crowds where a tripod would be a nuisance.

I also have the head that has the quick release plate. I don't recall the model number at the moment, but it is a simple tilt head with QR plate...the same QR plate that is on my 3 way head on my tripod. Very convenient.
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Sorry folks, didn't mean to imply that the Bogen mono legs are meant to leave it stand alone. I would never do that. Perhaps assisted stability would be more appropriate. And the only head I'd (personally) consider interchangable between the tri and momo would be the Bogen 3437 magnesium, 3025 (smallish and light) or one of the smaller ball heads. Then again, opinions are cheap.......it's a matter of sorting through all of them and discarding what some consider to be correct.
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As is corroborated here "Bogen/Manfrotto" monopods/tripods are a good bet. I have found over the years that their products give very good value for the money.
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Default Re: Monopods

Originally Posted by Red
You can buy a nice monopod in WalMart SuperCenters for only $10. It's called Solo. Check it out and save your money for lenses!
This is what I have and believe it or not it actually works VERY well. It has a no-frills mount on the top, but I corrected that problem with a $15 ball head. I'm 6'3" tall, and I actually have to lower it a little less than max to frame a shot through the viewfinder. I'm also 230lbs and can literally lean all my weight on it without it collapsing (not that I'd want to put that to a life-saving test or anything). It even came with a nice nylon bag and shoulder strap.

My local Wal-Mart doesn't stock them anymore. If yours does, I would buy it!
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Let's see ....

features - stable, won't bend;
- aluminum or carbon (expensive) for weight, ebay cheapies are sometimes steel (ouch heavy)
- at least 5 feet high without mounting swivel/QR/whatever (60 inches)
- feet that have nonskid and convert to a spike for outdoor use;
- black or not silver or not aluminum (reflects light and scares things)
- grip that's padded (neoprene?)
and with wrist strap so you won't lose the bunch when its wet and slippery;
- section releases and locks that can be worked with gloves in winter AND won't pinch fingers;
Bogens snap locks are good, thier older wingnuts are nasty,
and twist locks on sections freeze up (winter, sand, grit, age, vibration - will all sieze them up - BAD)

Brand - I like Bogen (see above)
Spend - ~$50-150 for good one with top
Differentiator - quality, height, lower weight

I have Bogen 680B with a Bogen 3229 top and the convertable rubber/spike foot replacement. cost ~ $80

I think 3 way feet are useless IMHO, but spike foot is indipensable.

If you don't want the Bogen QR plate then use the 3232 swivel head instead.
DO NOT GET a ball head - cheap ones are junk, good ones are expensive,
and they are all toooo heavy;
the swivel allows for verticle shots and is very solid.

Nice addition is a Bogen tripod strap, attach a spit key ring at the grip top with a strap of velcro loop,
snap tripod strap into ring, slip bottom strap loop around foot,
slide strap over head and under one arm ...
easy back carry strap.

Here's an example package price at B & H in New York for $63 + shipping.
http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...itemInfo<br />

Hope that helps.
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