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Default Monopod Recommendations

Hi all,
Looking for monopod recommendations. Probably never use anything bigger than a 300mm, currently have a 70-200VR.

What features should I be looking for?
What is a good brand to buy?
What should I expect to spend?
What differentiates one monopod from another?

I'm not a professional, but I am looking for good quality, just don't need top shelf.....

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Old Dec 23, 2003, 6:45 PM   #2
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Make sure the monopod can get up to your eye.

Look for releases that are easy to move quickly but stay once they're set.

Besides that...meh. I don't know. I want one of these too.
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Old Dec 27, 2003, 6:16 PM   #3
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I'll suggest the Manfrotto 679 and the Manfrotto monopod head with QR. These convert to some Bogen number - I can't find the conversions however - little help somebody?

The pod is tall enough for me (i'm 6'2") even leaning back a bit.

You'll want a head that swivels back a bit so you can shoot level while the monopod itself is leaning towards you. This is much more stable than straight up and down.

I'll think that your lens would attach to the monopod through a collar of some sort that will rotate for portrait shots. My 70-210 Tamron does this.

Currently I use a Manfrotto medium ballhead but it's a little heavy and you don't need the full range of movement on a monopod that it provides.

The cost of the 679 is pretty cheap - it uses the heavier leg set of the manfrotto/bogen tripod. I got mine for ~$50 Canadian. The monopod head is about $45 Canadian.

All my tripod heads use the manfrotto small rectangular QR plate so I want to keep to that system. I can't afford to go to the large (and expensive) Arca system nor the hex plates of other heads. I don't need that much control and I'd rather keep my kit lighter so I take it more often.
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Old Dec 27, 2003, 8:41 PM   #4
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Depends on what you want. My choice was the manfrotto 334B , with a squeeze hand. you squezze, ib it "pops" down at the right height.
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Old Dec 28, 2003, 2:48 PM   #5
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I use the same type Manfrotto 3245 as KCan has ,and it works great, With the 80 -200 on the d100 body. I love the squeeze handle it has. I have had the 600mm lens on it but found it was a little to light for that big of a lens. It handled the weight ok but the base needs to be a little bigger. good luck.
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Old Jan 5, 2004, 10:50 PM   #6
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I chose the Bogen/Manfrotto 3006 because it is a four section unit and is therefore quite compact. It is also light weight and sturdy (typical Manfrotto build quality), yet modestly priced when compared to light weight carbon fiber models. Three section sticks are generally sturdier (not needed for my use--small camera with modest tele lens) but are considerably bulkier to schelp around and to store.

The 'flex-head' that is bundled with the 3006 is not useful, IMHO; so you need to replace it with a proper monopod head--I chose the Bogen/Manfrotto 3229 tilt/swivel head with quick release. A quick release system for monopod application is an absolute must.

The Bogen/Manfrotto QR system works well and is good value for the money.
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Old Jan 12, 2004, 7:06 PM   #7
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Default Monopods

You can buy a nice monopod in WalMart SuperCenters for only $10. It's called Solo. Check it out and save your money for lenses!
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Old Jan 12, 2004, 7:51 PM   #8
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How tall is it?

Oh, that's right. I don't shop at places that make it a corporate policy to force their workers to put in unpaid overtime.
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Old Jan 12, 2004, 8:20 PM   #9
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You can buy a nice monopod in WalMart SuperCenters for only $10.
Oh, you wanted it to be somewhat stable too?????
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Old Jan 18, 2004, 4:44 PM   #10
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I've used 3 mono's and have a few words. I started with the mounting head on my Trekking pole. That was fine until you need lower angle shots. Bought a cheap Davis and Sanford which fell apart in a couple weeks. Now I have a Quantaray QSX EZ Pod. It is a really nice mono with a 3 way pan head and is worth the $50 (full retail) I paid. I'm sure you can find them cheaper on line. Now that I've done a lot of research on Bogen (because I need a new tripod) I would definately consider a Bogen mono and use the same head as the tripod. I'm convinced that you get what you pay for and would rather "bite the bullet" than waste money on cheap stuff that doesn't hold up. A nice feature of the Bogens is that you can get "feet" for them so they stand alone or more securely than one handed. Then again, there's a right and a wrong way to hold a monopod. There is a great article at http://home1.pacific.net.sg/~wee/article2.htm
If you already think you know how to use a mono, it may pay off to read this also.
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