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I have a Nikon D100 with three lenses, Sigma 17-35mm, Sigma 28-80, and Nikon 80-300.

I am just getting started with the Cokin filter system. I have purchased P-series adapter rings for all of my lenses, a P-series filter holder, several flat glass filters, and a 7-image prismatic filter. The latter is a heavy piece of glass about 1/2 inch thick in the center with six prisms ground around the center. The center, instead of being flat glass, has a hole about 1/2 inch in diameter.

I have tried this filter on all of my lenses with poor results. On the 17-35mm, the prism generated images overlap the center image at all zoom settings and distances. On the 28-80mm, the overlap is not as bad but there is a very noticable hazy circle around the center image. Presumably this is caused by the hole in the center of the filter which has a frosted surface. On the 80-300mm lens, at all zoom settings, the entire image is hazy and the prism images are mostly outside the picture.

Since the filter holder has slots for up to three filters, I have tried the multi-image filter in all three positions with no difference.

Does anyone have any experience with one of these filters? I don't think the filter is defective although I'm not too sure about that hole in the center. I would like to think that I am not using it properly or the size of the CCD in the camera is interfering with the optics of the filter.

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I had similar "surprises" back in the time I used cokin filter on my film SLR. What I remember is most of my special effect Cokin filters I had only work as described on my 50mm 1.8 lens. Same thing with some other make special filter. On my other lenses, they don"t work at all. I guess that the filters are optically designed or that focal (of film SLR) only ? :?
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