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My girlfriend's Lumix FZ3 has recently stopped communicating with both my laptop and desktop via the supplied USB cable. The USB ports on both machines are fine and work with other devices...just not the camera. On the laptop, when she plugs the usb cable into the camera, even before the camera is powered on, the laptop(IBM Thinkpad) shuts down completely and can only be restarted by removing and reinstalling the battery. On the desktop, the camera no longer recognizes the computer and the computer isn't aware that a USB mass-storage device has been plugged into it. The operating systems on both computers(laptop Windows 2000 and desktop Windows XP) are fine and there is no sign of spyware, worms, or viruses. It definitely seems to be a hardware problem...either the camera or the supplied USB cable.

I have seen many replacement USB cables, some have a mini 4-pin B male plug and others have a 5-pin mini B male plug. Several 5-pin mini B male plug equipped cables list many Lumix cameras, but the FZ3 is always excluded from the lists. Does it have a proprietary USB data plug/cable?

Thanks in advance for any insight/advice you can offer.

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Probably a bit late, and you've found the info elsewhere, but my FZ20's cable is proprietary and most likely the same as the FZ3.

I also have a Panasonic LC40 -- its cable is a standard mini USB.

You can recognise a standard USB connector by the logo on it -- the FZ series connector is even mini-er than the mini USB...

The easiest and cheapest fix would be a card reader -- available from about $5.
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