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Haven't noticed any discussion of monitor calibrators/profilers. I just ordered the Eye-One Display 2, on advice of a friend and after looking at one review. Not going to calibrate the printer, as I find it easier to let a lab do my printing.

Any preferences/comments?
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Monitor calibration is a huge field, filled with lots of adamant opinions. A web site that seems to me to be more filled with info than opinion is: http://www.normankoren.com/makingfineprints1A.html

The biggest question in monitor calibration is what are you trying to achieve. As is intimated on this page, there are two main curves that people gravitate toward, the 2.2 gamma that has become standardized by sRGB and the 1.8 gamma that Adobe has used and made standrd in its domain.

I have dabbled in monitor calibration as part of my job, which involves medical imaging. In that context,the goalis reasonably well-defined. In general photography, you will be faced with the problem that there are two competing standards, so even when you think through just what you want to do -- and when you end up doing the things necessary to accomplish your goals -- you may find that you then need to function in the other sphere.

About the only way to do a satisfying job with this stuff is to define a work flow for which the calibration applies. Recognize that other work flows will fall outside your calibration efforts, and plan accordingly.

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