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If there's digicam users (with some electronic hobbyer skills) wanting to have wireless RF remote instead of wired one I've been designing PCB modified for more "mobile" use as digicam's wireless remote basing to this RF remote control kit:
(trasmitter doesn't need modding)

I stripped standard relays away and replaced them with SIL-package reed relays (5V 500ohm) to make it smaller and more friendly for 9V battery (regulator can handle 7V - 20V input)...
While transistors would have been more than enough for controlling currents "available" from digicam's wired remote port I used reed relays to make sure output remains electrically insulated from receiver.
Also rectification diodes got boot to rear so I managed to shrink size of PCB to 48x40mm which is under one fourth of original. (for comparison 9V battery needs length of ~52mm)

I'm going to have these two-side (wiring on both sides) PCBs made by PCB manufacturer which also makes them for hobbyers and ordering single ones later would be pricier so if anyone is interested about this RF remote kit getting more of these "shrinked" PCBs made would be easy now.
(for current order amount price is ~7.5 euros per PCB... for single one it would be ~18 )

Or if someone wants Gerber-files/CADCAM output I can e-mail those. (PCB layout itself is in ARES/Proteus format)

PS. Of course this requires wired remote port from camera and knowing inners of that wired remote, some of those contain also resistors... +remote connectors are different between makes.
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Well, my FZ10 has no wired remote port. But I think someone said something about an adaptor which can be connected to the hotshoe. Except that it's not a full-use remote.

Does anybody know more about it?

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