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Default Tips for shooting

As requested, from the earlier forum:

1. When you see an opportunity about to come up, but you'll have to wait for it a little bit, prefocus at the distance to reduce the possibility of hunting when the moment to get the lock arrives. If your camera is one of those that rehunts no matter what, and you can't count on being able to reacquire on time, use a smaller aperture for greater depth of field, and pre-lock on the spot where you expect the action.

2. When shooting long, try to shoot at a smaller aperture if light allows -- it will increase the DOF and you will be far more likely to come back with a subject that is in focus -- I try to shoot at f/8 if I can.

3. When shooting extreme closeups, the same idea applies. It is an extreme bear to get a focus lock on the right spot when DOF is a couple of millimeters deep.

4. Whenever possible, try to choose a shutter speed that is around the reciprocal of the focal length (e.g. 1/100 for a 100mm lens) for the best chance at a sharp shot. If you can't do that, I hope you've acquired and practiced a very solid holding technique Before shooting, take a breath, let a little out, and hold it before squeezing the shutter.

5. If you have a subject backlit by a very bright sky, push the exposure by +1 to +2 EV assuming the resulting shutter speed is not ridiculous -- you'll end up with a far less noisy picture once you have gotten the levels/curves right in post processing.

6. Expose for the highlights, process for the shadows. If you have a spot meter, make it your friend... blown highlights are a real problem.

7. When composing, consider open space in your frame and try to use it to draw the eye towards the subject. Try to make at least 1/3 of the frame neutral space. Set the subject off-center whenever possible...

8. Watch out for non-level horizons.

9. When shooting into a very bright light source, using a hat or a hand to shade the lens from the light will increase contrast.

10. Play with the angles. It's amazing how very different some things look when changing angles, and there is usually one or more artistic angles in almost any composition. Finding one can make the difference between a snapshot and a great photograph.

Shoot experimentally whenever you can. What you learn will most certainly come in handy when you least expect it... digital allows us to shoot with abandon, and learn at light-speed as long as we take advantage of the 'free' processing by trying everything we can think of. I have to say that by shooting with reckless abandon, I have learned so very much, so quickly, that I continually amaze myself when I look back at earlier efforts.

Above all, HAVE FUN!
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Default Thanks.

I will save this in a safer spot.

Thanks again...

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Thanks...these tips will help me one hell of a lot, in that I am a total beginner.


As with the previous post I will save this in my favorites and refer it as and when.

Cheers ...&
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Great tips.... I especially noted the need to get your breathing right, and of course the need to experiment.

I will get a few print outs of the list stuck up around the office and house just so it sinks in!

many thanks
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