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Do not laugh I am a true novice I have probably taken about 100 pictures in my entire life. But this is the first shot from a d50 kit with the lens that comes with it at dusk dark. You can see other photos I took with it at

Any comments or suggestions to get me started on the right path before I develop bad habits.

The lenses we have right now for the camera is 18-55, 28-80, 70-300 all nikor ed lenses.
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Nice shot!
Maybe could use a bit more cropping.
Best "rule" I first learned is to simplify the image and only include what is really important to the composition.

Of course rules are just suggestions and meant to be broken :-).

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You've already developed the bad habit of buying photo gear!

Rather than worrying about bad habits, here's some good habits for you to practice:

1) Read your camera manual

Go through each page and try everything out. Every couple of months go back and review a few features.

Always make sure you're "at home" with your camera controls, so when the right moment comes, you aren't fumbling with your camera or abandon a technique because you "can't remember" how to work the controls of your camera.

2) Critique your own shots

Find out why you like a shot, or what you don't like about it. Compare your photos to more advanced professional work.

3) Create a reason for each shot

Shoot with a purpose. Ask yourself "what am I trying to communicate with this shot? How can I best use my camera to communicate it?".

4) Shoot regularily

If you can, take at least a few shots every day. If your running out of ideas, create new projects.

5) Find an audience

Who are you shooting for? Yourself? Your family? Friends? The public?

There are always a host of non-profits, newspapers and other creative outlets for your photography.

Keep trying to find an audience!

Okay, the above are some good habits to practice!

-- Terry

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Thank you very much for the advise, I really appreciate it.
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Hi Terry,
Great advice. I am adopting some of those myself, usually critiquing my own photos.

I also find the "Find an audiance" very useful and never thought of that.
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