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Whether you use the digital zoom or crop later, any motion blur caused by the extreme telephoto will be exactly the same. Digital zoom is a red herring as far as the reason for the blurred bird except to point out it is an effective long zoom.

I don't see a lot of signs of motion blur. Motion blur isn't the same in all directions and your blur is consistent. And the distant background in both photos doesn't seem as blurred as the foreground. My guess is that the camera is focused at infinity. Try spot focus if the camera has it and your target is in the center. Or use manual focus.

If the bird had been in perfect focus then some signs of motion blur might have surfaced. If you don't use the self timer the burst mode can help. If you hold the shutter down with a steady force it bypasses the initial camera shake with the push and release of the shutter. If you have time the self timer is better.

Most cameras recommend turning off the stabilization when you use a tripod. You might check your manual.

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I think Slipe is right (focused on the background).

Looking at a less blurry limbs and tree in one image's background, the same tree in the other images background, it does appear that you misfocused (probably focusing on something behind the bird).

But, I wouldn't expect to get tack sharp images at those focal lengths at 1/3 second, especially using 4x Digital Zoom, even if you did focus accurately. ;-)

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Just curious as to how you get the specs on these files. Sorry about the sabotage!!:roll:
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JimC wrote:
A quick glance at the EXIF using Irfanview
Mountain Hawk, the specs are known as EXIF, Jim used irfanview to see the info from the shot. This can also be done in Win XP by downloading the pic and looking at the properties. There are several different free exif viewers out there, you can google it. The software that came with your camera should also tell you, so will photoshop.
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