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4 reasons why you should not buy Vista and stick with XP:

>Vista is bloated

>It runs slower than XP

>Windows is coming out with Service Pack 3 for XP

>Hold onto your hat: Bill Gates is going to release another OS in just two short years :O


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The concept of one big OS running on one machine is *dead*.


What is actually needed is a web browser capable of loading just-in-time code modules, that are going to manage your PC, the way the web portal editor wants, if you are connected.

The web portal may have also a *disconnected* mode in which case they push code on your machine, to let you use their tools while not connected.

Suchcode, being in connected mode or in deconnected mode, has no ties to the operating system.Actually, depending of what you are actually making at that moment with that computer, you'll get a micro-OS pushed onto your machine. This is more efficient than having to load a Giga OS that is *maybe* capable of doing everything and *maybe* compatible with all machines.

Here, depending on the size of your screen (webphone, pda, ultraportable PC, laptop, desktop, home theather, set-to-box), you'll getfine tuned code pushed onto your machine, in function ofthe machine capabilities.

The guys behind the scene, at exoplatform, cannot be wrong. Look the customers they already have ! USA Defence Department. Belgium Finance Department.

Don't you realize this iswhat happened with Arpanet -> Email -> Internet ?

The idea is there. With http://www.exoplatform.com !
I don't know if this is going to be the new Microsoft. I don't think it will,because the aim of such majorevolution is to avoid the development of one giant company hacking the world with a kind of PC tax. Let us follow that idea now.

Surely there must be akind of OS in a PC, but IMO, this may be a Hyper-BIOS supplied by the PC maker, insteadof a monolithichardware abstraction layer plus acollection of captive applications suppplied by an in-between company (call it Microsoft if you want) everybody must obey and pay for.

Thetask of writing software will become more exciting as one will be able to play with the close-to-hardware functions of that Hyper-BIOS, so in other words, if you want a multitouch user interface in an application, provided you have a touchscreen in the computer and the required programming skills, you can deliver it to the world. Your application will thenbecome positively distinguishable. You see ? This is just one example.

Such a wave will change the way we design software. How much time will it take ? More than 20 years like for Arpanet ? No, no. This time tangible effects will show in 20 months, no more.

Keep watching http://www.exoplatform.com !

The "A"battlefield will be the software tools enabling a programmer to take control of that Hyper-BIOS, develop the web portal, develop the applications (being in connected mode or in disconnected mode), and deploy them forthe whole range ofdevice we know (webphone, pda, ultraportable PC, laptop, desktop, home theather, set-to-box). This is not representing a giant leap.This is web2 or web3.A company like Microsoft, Adobe, Sun or Apple can be a good performer on that field.

The "B"battlefield is the Hyper-BIOS. This is a giant leap.Companieslike Microsoft an Apple may be forced to becomemajorplayers on that field.WinXP will then be available in*chunks*, a kind of just-in-time abstraction layer emulating WinXP basic APIs.This way,the "A" players on the "A" battlefield will be able to base on something, but this will only be the beginning.

The "C" battlefield with the "C" players, still unidentified, will provide alternatives,new functionalities,more verastility, and a better efficiency in code density, communication channels efficiency, ease of deployment,maintenance costs.

When the "C" battlefield will encompass the whole market, letting all web portals and all applications benefit from the new approach, then we will be able to say that "the revolution has taken place".

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