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I just made the best investment in up-grading my monitor. I added a very nice 22" wide screen flat panel right next to my 19" mediocre flat panel and man what a difference!i highly recommend the very best quality and largest screen you can afford and buy it! You'll never be sorry.
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I haven't liked any LCD I've used so far for color accuracy (and my wife has bought me several of them that I didn't like).

But, I broke down and bought a 22" LCD myself today, thanks to a daily special at newegg.com for an Acer AL2216Wbd for only $219 with free shipping. This one should save some desktop space.


The biggest problem I've had with LCDs is exposure and color accuracy trying to use one. This one had the highest uncalibrated color accuracy of any LCD ever tested by AnandTech at the time of it's review last year (they rated it as "far better than any other LCD we have reviewed so far"):

Here's what they said about it:

Without any form of color correction, the color accuracy of all of these displays is generally mediocre, with one exception. The Acer AL2216W generates a Delta E result of 2.88 using the default settings with a contrast ratio of 88 and a brightness level of 72. While 2.88 certainly isn't "perfect", it's far better than any other LCD we have reviewed so far.
Scroll down on this page to the last graph, and look at the black line for uncalibrated color accuracy results:


That's what I need (and it looks like this cheap LCD gives it to you without the high cost of more expensive panel types). lol

So, I decided to order one and give yet one more LCD a try. I'll probably have it the first of the week (I just ordered it about 20 minutes ago).

I don't care about faster response for games, or what the specs show about things like Contrast ratio, etc. I just want a monitor that delivers accurate brightness and color without breaking the bank or using sophisiticated techniques and profiles to try and keep one reasonably calibrated (and I'm using multiple operating systems, so I don't really want to mess with calibration any more than I have to).

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cmpletly agree !!
everly LCD monitor - definitely not for photgrapher !!
evel when models w LED's backlights came ordinary and colour range come(at least to 8-bit/channel of CRT's)to more or less acceptablu level. !
i more fingercrossing about laserdisplay's future, which is invented twenty years ago, but still miss the[mass]market (

in short - stick to CRT !!

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