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I have a ton of 8mm tapes that I'd like to convert into digital format. Unfortunately, my RCA camcorder no longer works, so I can't even play the tapes. Any ideas as to how to convert? I also have many VCR tapes that should be converted, but at least there are units around to do that. I understand, there used to be a VCR cartridge, in which super-8 tapes would fit, and then they could be transferred; but, of course, my tapes aren't so super (although the subject matter is great -- my family!).

Also, I recently briefly saw on some morning TV show, there's a new Sony unit that supposedly does a new kind of converting into DVD. There was nothing on the Sony website. Anyone know anything about it?

I appreciate any input. And, Steve, this is a terrific website!!!
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aleyedig wrote:
I have a ton of 8mm tapes ....my RCA camcorder no longer works, so I can't even play the tapes.
I have kept my last three 8mm camcorders to use as players, switching them on occasionally to keep them in working order, so I have one partially and 2 fully operational players to use for my tapes as long as they remain playable. I suggest you buy a second-hand Hi8 camcorder as a matter of urgency, so at least you've got a player. I also have two working VHS recorders.

Ideally you could play them through a video capture card. This will probably take at least the runtime of the tapes. A poor alternative is to project them on a small, bright screen using a video projector, while filming them with a digital camcorder, ensuring somehow that frame rates don't clash unacceptably. That's what I did last time round with my parents' Standard 8mm cine films, and it's a lot better than nothing.

I'm part-way through rephotographing my tens of thousands of 35mm colour slides by projecting them. Unfortunately, until recently I've been filming them as fuzzy slide shows on to 8mm videotape using a camcorder, so I've been overtaken twice, and I'll have to start again using a digicam. Filmscanning is much too slow and individual to be useful for monster jobs like this.

When we've done all this we'll have to keep transferring huge amounts of data to the next digital storage medium, readable by the current operating systems.

A couple of years ago I did the photographic work for my parents-in-law's memoirs, using their old photos from the 1930s onwards. Vanishingly few of our generation's children are going to be able to do anything like that.
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SonyStyle.com | DVDirect® MC3 Multi-Function DVD Recorder

Check this out.
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(They're both yours truly)

I was certainly remiss in not responding to Alan T and DaMat, who responded to my inquiry. So, sorry guys, and thanks for the info. I guess I've been too busy to really tackle this project right now. But you're right, AT, I better look for a working 8mmcamcorder now, before they're completely extinct! Thanks again!
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I used a company to sort mine out recently. i had old 8mm tapes, i sent them away and they converted them to DVD for me. it was about a year ago, they charged ú20 per DVD but they're even cheaper now - http://www.*************.com
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I'm not quite sure why you'd need to send them away, since a quick search shows that the site you're promoting is yours, not to mention that you have already been reported to services tracking spammers by a another site (and I just added another report).

We don't appreciate spam here, especially when someone associated with a business pretends to be a satisfied customer.

As a result, you've been banned, and all links to your site are now being automatically filtered by our forums software, regardless of the member making the posts.
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