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Has anyone used any Digital Photo Frame?. I found some good ones at http://www.magicdigitalframes.com? Anyone uses these before? Please comment on the ease or how clear it would display the pictures.



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Hey!, sorry this is so late but I only just joined the forums section.
Ok so, I've had two frames now, first one I found out was a basic problem, problem being that the screen develops lines, and then, they wave!
So I got another photo frame now, and I must say it is pretty great!, theres great resolution and such.
The only thing is, if your going to get one, make it like.. a 6" or 7" at least, smaller ones aren't really that good.

Happy Snapping! :|
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The iPod Touch does a great job with photos. Pricey, but capable of music, videos, wi-fi, and will sync with Outlook for calender and contacts.
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Old Jan 14, 2008, 2:49 AM   #5
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agree, iPod touch is really awesome
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Old Jan 23, 2008, 11:06 PM   #6
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It's looks like Digital Frames are going to be a big hit with the digital camera geeks!

So I pick up a 8" WideScreen Venturer DPF811SE from WalMart just to see what it's

all about! There is no resolution listed in the Op instruction so I can't know for shure

what it is but the best looking picture displayed was at 1024.The screen is Not High Res.

and the scaling is Not that great! No Sound orRemote. I would like to get a

DF with sharp cleardisplay but like anything else you can't see all availble products

and make a goodchoice! I think Steve should have a seperate Forum for Digital

Frames:idea:and mabe Reviewson Digital Frames so we can get agood idea what DF

have sharp display and otherfeatures!

JohnnyJT :-)

South Philly

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I take it digital picture frames are usually right around 7 to 12 inches, at a price of around $200? No thank you. I'll take a pass on purchasing a digital picture frame if they're that small and going for a price that steep.

A very quick (but not so thorough) check shows that you can get a 20 inch LCD monitor for around $185, maybe less. Why not just buy the bigger LCD monitor, mount it to your wall like a van Gogh replica, and run a slide show of your pictures through monitor #1 as you surf the Internet with monitor #2?

I was real excited when I saw the digital picture frame for the first time. And then I found out you could run 3 monitors off of the same computer. It was then that my excitement died and died fast. The only thing good about a digital picture frame is that it will fit in a cramped space, like on an office desk. Other than that, what's the point of owning one when you can go with a larger LCD monitor for the same price or less?

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