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Service Pack 3 is out. It was just released by Microsoft. It's a big one, a looooooooooooooooong download. I have high speed cable and it took me 4-5 hours to download it with nothing running in the background. Some of the techs for the major computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, Gateway and Acer are not yet trained in SP3, it's that new. I spoke to several of their techs today and a few of them were not aware of its release. One of them, a Dell tech, told me that in a week or so he should be notified by Dell of a training program they'll have to go through that will help them address any SP3 issues a customer might present them with. That is standard operating procedure that some servicetechs have to go through, be it an XP or Vista service pack.

Speaking of Vista, SP3 will make XP run like a charm, even better than it runs now. Lots of people are just now finding out that Bill Gates is going to unleash a whole new OS in a year and a half from now in 2010. No sense in buying the bloated, slower Vista if Microsoft is going to release a new OS in 2010. The word is that it might even come out next year in 2009. Just hold onto your money and stay with XP is what I would do.


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I just finished doing the SP-3 on one of my PC's. The download(66 MB)was fast on cable. BUT, the pre-download set-up (whatever that was) and the install/ verify added way too much time to the process. Total time was 1 hr 20 minutes for me.
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