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Default Leica S2 for $28,000 (body only)


Just curious... Why application would require such a camera? The 70 mm lens that goes with it is about $5,000 by. So the two together are in about $32,000.

I am not doubting or challenging the price. I just wonder at what point does a photographer decide the Leica S2 is needed in order to photograph the subject?

And, uh, "no" I am not considering it. I don't need a second house payment. Having enough trouble with the one I already have.

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When you are shooting super high end renditions for say high end book, like painting for hard cover coffee table books. The medium format of the S2 really pays off. For some auction houses like christy's it is important to preserve as much detail of the super high price items they are auction off in their catalog.

Also I have been to the Leica Gallery in NYC. And the photos are super impressive, 8x10 feet. Very large prints, the image were tack sharp.

But most people do not need a tool that fine. So it is really a limited product, thus the high price.
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30x45 sensor, OLED display! What a beauty.
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I doubt many amateurs are buying a camera like that.

Have to make money off it.

There are some nice Mamiya medium format DSLR's that go for about $5,000 to $10,000 that are pretty.

If my income were 10X what I'm making right now, I'd consider a $5,000 medium format DSLR for amateur use only.
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