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I am looking to buy a photo quality printer and I could use some advise. I have a canon g2 and hp officejet v40. I am afraid my printer just dosen't cut it. Most of my shots are of my family and I do want to be able to print excellent quality at 8x10. Most will, however, be 4x6 . I don't want buy a photo printer only be unhappy about the quality. I have heard good things about the Epson 925, Epson 785EPX, CanonS900, and HP Photosmart 7350. My considerations are: photo color sharpness,blurring, proper contrast & brightness along with cost of ink cartridges & paper,etc. Is it worth spending the money on a photo printer along with incurring the cost of ink and paper vs sending the pics out for processing. Are there printers out there that can duplicate professional quality that are affordable(less than $400 or so) ? I have sent photos to be processed by dotphoto.com but was not thrilled with the process. Bottom Line..Can I produce good quality photos at home? What do you recommend?

Thanks for your help,
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Default comment on photo printer

I have owned the Canon S9000 (wide version of the S900 ) for
about a month now and I love it. The color photos look just
like the prints from Kodak. I am using Canon photo paper, however
I understand it can use epson and other photo papers.

The price was right for me and I recommend it.


my photos : www.pbase.com/jimskayak
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Old Jan 9, 2003, 10:09 AM   #3
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If you buy any photo quality printer with 6 colors that's got good reviews I am sure you would be happy, I have the Epson 780 photo and Prints look great I would recommend using Epson Premium Photo paper because the black ink blends very well into the paper some paper like the Kodak Premium or Ultima the black ink looks like is sits on top and if you tilt the picture you can see the black ink layer I don't know if a Canon printer will work as well with the Epson paper.

I must say that when I print with the Epson 780 on the Epson Photo paper I don't believe you could tell the difference between my print and a "Gloss" print from a print company. One big issue I run into and I am sure this is not just with my printer is Color matching! I have spend many hours and paper trying to get the color correct. If your printing a digital camera image I would recommend getting print software and a special driver for you printer from Kodak (It's free www.kodak.com/inkjet/) this manages your images and without too much work it prints digital images with great color and quality. the only thing I don't like about the software is that I can't change print layout settings.

I do have one other comment the Epson 820 which replaces my 780 printer. When you clean the print heads it could use up a lot of ink, I have one at work and went to clean the print head and I used half the ink. In the long run the Epson inks (in my opinion) are cheaper because if you have to change an Ink tank with canon a printer it costs $11.00 to $12.00 per tank, but Epson color ink is $18.00 and Black ink is $25.00 and they last for may prints.

I also use Sam's Club Photo prints service I feel its great it uses less of my time and I get great looking picture for 20 cents a print. That the best price anywhere. With these prints you can't tell that I got them from a digital camera and my camera is a 2 Mega pixel.

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If u are going to do a lot of 4x6 hands down u gotta look at the HiTi 630PL/PS series of printers.

If u have never seen the output of a dye-sublimation printer you will not belive your eyes and your fingers because not only do they look like real prints, they FEEL like real prints.

You know how I can always tell if a pic has been printer on an ink-jet, I look at it at an extreme angle, and you can see where the various colors almost lay on top of one another. Try it. Not so with a dye-sub!!!

If you go here
Steve has an excellent review and its the reason I bought mine - not to mention the $169.00 price ($249 for the PS) but the per print cost of 40 cents, you really can't beat it.
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MY plan is to buy the Hi-Touch 630PS for 4x6 shots, at only $.40 a print, then send the prints that I want as 8x10s to a processor. Be warned, a 4x6 is only $.16 at Sam's Club and I think about $.19 at Costco, so even at $.40 per print, it is more costly. Good luck!

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this belongs in the printer forum not new technology
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You may want to look at a Canon i960, spits out good quaility 4 x 6 inch prints. Good tonal quality and very little noise.8 x 10 inch prints are excellent with good depth. You only need to twist a knob to change between those two sizes. Anything else I would send out to snapfish or some other on line site. My two cents.
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I have a Epson 2200 and I am VERY happy with it.
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