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Default Use of an iPad for remote backup?

So...I finally got the D90 I asked about months ago, and can't be happier. All I can say is, "Thank God I don't have to buy film anymore for an SLR!"

One of my concerns about digital film is the 'gremlins' that tend to strike your techology when you need it the most. Even though things are a lot more stable than in the days of, "Press play on tape 1", the odd glitch now and then can screw up your memory card so that the perfect shot will never be seen.

I was looking into a portable backup so that I'd have a copy of any great shots, or any once in a lifetime moments. Some are pricey...but what's the price of a lost picture?

I read today that the iPad has a camera accessory that lets you load your SD card files into the iPad and then view the pictures, even when shooting RAW. I'm thinking that you're getting a backup, an ability to view the photos in the field on a large screen and zoom in on detail points, and you get the ability to use it to do the other stuff the iPad's designed for.

Curious as to whether anybody is using an iPad as a backup device, and what your experiences are with them...good or bad.
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Hi I dont have a ipad, but have been thinking.about the same things. I want to take footage off my sanyo hybrid and store it to hard disk when on trips. There is a camera module for my andriod device that will hipefully allow me to plug in a usb external hard disk, but backup software is what i need to find, you may find the following usefull.

Copying files straight over can pickup corruption, and not all or probably very few backup programs avoid this. Because of variouse hicups buffers might not be updated with current data, but probably not an issue here, then if they do anything they use the file cycle redundency check number to verify that the file is the same as the original, but multiple errors can end up with the same number, so you check blocks, but you end up with the same possibility. I worked out a file validation system to get around this, but not implemented commercially. You basically have to have a program that writes the file and then reads it back and checks that each bit is identical on the data, that is the catch, finding a program that does all these things. I know about these things because i had some research notes i needed to rescue, and did some reading, and realised the same problem would apply.to.camera footage, also photos to less obviouse extent.

I am often sick so am doing little research into this, but if anybody finds any programs like this for pc, mac, itouch, andriod and can post here, it would be most appreciated.

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I have the ipad with the kit, and use it for backing up my photos on trips.

It works just fine with both aperture 3 and lightroom 3. Mac or PC?
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Take a look at the NetBooks (name?), the little PCs that are real limited and are also very cheap. Probably twice the weight/thickness of a Ipad at likely half the price.

All any such machine needs is a slot for your memory card and enough storage to download the contents.
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