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One of the failings of digital cameras is that the LCD monitors cannot be seen easily in bright sunlight.
My iPAQ PDA has a trans-reflective screen that can be seen easily in bright sunlight. Many in-car GPS units have similar screens that can also be seen clearly in sunlight. My question is why can't digital cameras have this type of screen?
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It takes power to make a light bright enough to overcome the sun. If your camera LCDhad such a bright backlight, the battery life would be abysmal.

The transreflective LCD is a compromise structure that can use either back light or front light. With a very strong light such as the sun hitting it at just the right angle, it will look very good without artificial illumination. Unlike your iPaq, cameras are normally used in specific orientations, and it is inconvenient to move it around slightly to get the best angle from the sunlight.

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oh there are excellent lcd's out there you just don't want to pay for them now. this is a technology that is just starting to roll foward. when you talk about ipaqs and gps screens your talking small scale and relatively low res. my dell x51v pda is finally at vga quality thats a whoppng 640x480. give it another 3-5 years and you will se a dramatic difference.
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There have been great advances in the last 3 years. My first two digicams had monitors invisible in ordinary daylight, requiring sophisticated high-technology monitor hoods, as shown in the attached image. This didn't bother me for composition, because I could use the optical viewfinder, but the setup menus were invisible.

The last three I've bought: cheap point & shoot ones for for daughter, son&wife, and a better one for myself (Casio EX-Z750): are amazingly better.However they still require the hood & magnifier in bright light. So an optical viewfinder remains essential. I notice that on all 3 of the recent ones the menus are in big print for 56-yr-olds like me.

Battery technology seems to have kept up, but don't forget that electrochemists (like me) have been working on lead-acid batteries for 150 years, and haven't quite finished yet.

Good luck, Alan T
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