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Their claim to be the first is simply absurd so I would have serious doubts about any other claim they make.

Take a look at http://www.steves-digicams.com/acces...60-one-vr.html

Not sure what the date was on that, but seeing that they require a 3Mp camera (or better) does indicate that it was longer ago than last week.

Use Google to look up "Panorama Tools" for public domain software that can do the same thing or better using various mirror shapes. You are likely to stumble upon what happens to good public domain stuff when it runs into folks with the ability to file all kinds of lawsuits.

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Glad you got your two cents in Bill. This seems more to my liking. http://store.eyesee360.com or http://www.eyesee360.com/gopano It includes the software necessary to create the VR image. And the price of the attachment is more reasonable as well, although it does require a camera since there isnt one built in.

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