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dougwolf Sep 30, 2009 1:21 AM

video stablizing plugins
I have used Mercalli from Prodad to stabilize very shaky videos from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. The results are breathtaking.
The video was shot from a Sony w200 cybershot point and shoot digicam at 640x480pixels at 30 fps. The camera was hand held by a hiker as he followed a fellow hiker over rocks, brush, and streams. The footage was very jerky. Mercalli very quickly transformed the video into ultra-smooth looking video like a studio boom-truck arm was somehow there floating along as the hiker traversed the turns and ups and down of the trail. It is amazing.
Mercalli comes with a set of descriptive presets. I mostly used a preset called "shoulder cam: reduce walking motion". About 90% of the clips were successfully stabilized on this setting. The remaining clips required different presets and tweaking.
I have used other software for stabilizing video before and so far mercalli is by far the best I have used.
If anyone else has had experience with video stabilizers or has questions please post .Thanks, Doug

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