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Here is the catch. The minute you call any toll free number you just removed yourself from the do not call list. Being they have the right to view numbers calling them even if you have Id blocked as they are paying for the call. They then sell off these list of numbers to other marketers. You will find that few marketing companies will play by the do not call list and will instead use a computer to dial numbers with an automated message "This is a very important call, please hold for the next representative". I have every phone number I have on the registry and still get calls. I get less on the cell phone and actually got so sick and tired of the calls on the landline that I discontinued services. It was a never ending battle as they only calls we were getting were telemarketers and my mother in law. The marketing calls started at about 6PM and continued on through 9-10PM and Im not going over the top in stating 20-30 calls per night. Turned off the ringer for awhile then decided whats the use of a phone if you leave it off to avoid annoying calls. The mother in law has the wifes cell so when she called and there was no answer she immidiately rang her cell. IMO telemarketing calls or any solicitation calls should be banned. There are two sides to this, they are either annoying people who dont want to be annoyed or using sell tactics for challanged people who dont hang up the phone to talk them into buying something they dont want or need.
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Cell Phones are a bit tricky my daughter had this thing where she would call me passing on jokes and if I read them well I opened a can of worms from some source they too can be draining the $ off my Net worth of calls ... so I don't answer any of them and as well I only have the phone on to call or if I am expecting a call! Bad enough to have been home bound the last few weeks and hearing how many times the darn credit company has been calling let alone the toll free calls ...drove me past buggy!SSG
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I anticipate the best way to stop that is to lie to them. If their after-effects are no good, they will go out of business and stop aggravation us. Probably a acceptable abstraction to stop abbreviate of adage things like, "My admired amusement is ice fishing in Honolulu" - admitting that is tempting.
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If in the USA, it's quite simple actually...
For a landline call your provider and ask for a block where they have to say who they are in order to process the call...telemarketers will hang up and not bother with this. I've had it on my line for 3 years at $5 a month. It does this on unknown calls (Blacklist)

For cellphones there are a multitude of applications that help with this stuff I use Kaspersky Anitvirus on my HTC Evo and I blacklist calls or texts I don't want and it wont even ring on those calls and when someone calls you either put them on the blacklist or whitelist...very effective as I get NO unwanted calls or texts !!
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