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I am interested in the Sony W1 but have concerns over thestrobe-effect of the prefalsh. Ihave used an Olympus C-4040 in the past and the "fluttering" flash seemed to confuse my toddler and some others resulting in pictures that look like the subject was just ased to round off Pi.

Have you found this to be the same? Is there a simple way around this? Most of the shots will be indoors so the flash will be used.
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Contrary to popular belief, indoors (esp at night) is when flash should be turned OFF. It's in daytime when the sun is bright and harsh that flash helps to flatten shadows.

Don't use flash indoors at night if you can't bounce it (and assuming you'll be using the W1's built in flash, it cannot be bounced, don't use it at all).
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Personally, the preflash irritate me very much :evil:, no matter I am in front or behind the camera. That's one of the reason I use external flash in auto mode. One time Paff and that's it. Luckily , I still have my Coolpix 950 which use doesn't preflash.

dandy35 wrote:
Is there a simple way around this? Most of the shots will be indoors so the flash will be used.
- Manual flash mode ( calculation, GN, aperture,X, +, - , = .... headache )

- Autoflash mode (external)
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Try not using redeye reduction. Although you may get more redeye, it may help you get more photos without changed facial expressions.

As far as not using a flash indoors --- well, this sounds good in theory. The problem is that you'll get lots of noise if you try to increase ISO speeds on a non-DSLR camera model using a small, dense, sensor (so that shutter speeds will be fast enough to reduce motion blur if you don't use the flash).

So, unless you're taking a photo of a stationary subject, and can use a tripod, you'll most likely want to use a flash indoors (the flash is usually preferable to blur and/or noise). Try it to see what to expect.

A camera model like the C-4040z you mentioned isbetter to take existing light photos with (since it's got a very bright f/1.8-2.6 lens, and a 4MP 1/1.8" CCD with noise characteristics that are better, IMO).

You may want to look into the use of an external slave flash. It is my understanding that Sony makes one for your model.

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Dandy35 mentions a toddler and possible W1 purchase.

So he is going to be a family point and shoot photographer which is about 50% of my use.

Onyx your website images are really great, you've had some fantastic subjects and use great gear.....but you can't apply the "no flash" rules to a compact digicam under many domestic indoor lighting conditions. As Jim says noise and motion blur will be a real problem.

Strobe and pre-flash is mentioned plus Jim mentions turning off the anti red-eye.

On the W1 there is always a single preflash (for metering)a fraction of a second before the main flash..... but this is usually seen as a single flash by most subjects and no problem.

As Jim assumes I'm sure it is the anti red-eye strobe you refer to and after a few months really considering this aspect I no longer use it on my 5MP Sony. As time went on I realised only about 75% of images were free of red-eye even using the strobe. And when I turned it off I was still getting 50% of my images free of red-eye.

To me this 25% extra red-eye to remove in my PC editor was a good trade for the loss of delay, and altered expressions, when the strobe is off.

As I've said elsewhere recently I'm very keen on the better images obtained with a small slave flash and use a Vivitar DF120........at almost 25% of the cost of the Sony unit and with better results in manyways.

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