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JohnG wrote:
Scopes and binocs are different than digicams.

According to you any 10x digicam has a 300mm equiv lens. The Olympus Sp 500 is a 10x camera and has a 38-380mm equiv. lens. There is a difference between 380mm and 300mm. Typically, most digicams start with 36-38mm at the wide end.

Follow the definition of longest divided by shortest and you'll always get a correct answer. Follow your train of thought and you're 80mm off. So it has nothing whatsoever to do with 'power of magnification'. Show me one digicam whose x-factor doesn't exactly match longest/shortest. It's close to power of magnification but not the same.
Ok...I see what you're saying. Sometimes it takes me a bit longer to "get it". :?I can admit when I'm wrong, and it appears I've totally missed this one. I honestly always thought that when a digicam advertised a 10X zoom, it was talking about ten power like a rifle scope. I've done a lot more hunting than photography. Does anyone know if there is a chart or formula anywhere that you can use to determine what focal length = a given power of magnification?
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A lens' focal length of roughly 50mm (on a 35mm film camera) is about 1X power magnificiation.

So a "superzoom" with a 10x lens (ratio of shortest to longest focal length) usually comes in at around 300-350mm focal length equivalent.

Which is approximately a 6X or 7X in the binocular or scope world. I don't think there are any of the P&S cameras which go above a 400mm equivalent - or about an 8X magnification power.

On a DSLR you can adjust similarly.

For example a 500mm lens on a 35mm film camera is about 10X magnification. That same lens fitted to a Canon Rebel gives an effective length of about 800mm or 16X magnification.

Note that 500mm lenses are quite large, as you would expect.
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