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Done it thanks Rock
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Your welcome wrams. Nice shot mate.


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I just noticed the previous posts on resizing (I don't read them all). lol

But, if you post a photo that large, it means that the entire thread will be wider. So, viewers then have to scroll left and right to read all text in the thread, depending on their monitor resolution.

For example, with my monitor set to 1024x768, I have to scroll left and right to see the posted text in this thread.

So, it's a good idea to keep the width down to something a bit smaller, as a lot of forum members have the monitor resolution set to around 1024x768 (and some may even be using 800x600). That photo was 1333 pixels wide. ;-)

See Steve's post on this subject here (it's one of the "sticky" posts you'll find at the top of the threads list in our General Q&A forum).


Now, I sometimes go a little larger than Steve's recommended 640x480 size (720 or 800 pixels on the wide end). But, if you go too much wider than around 720, it will require users scroll left and right to see posted text if their monitor resolutions aren't set to at least 1024x768.

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Fortunarely I have a 20" widescreen lcd monitor that i have set to 1680x1050 so i don't have the problem that Jim talks about, but it is very anyoying for lower resolutions...

Now about you photo, i like it, but would do something to boost the colors...the sun looks week, but than again it may have been one of those kinda days...the only real thing i would change is that blue container in the very foreground...don't know what it is except it's distracting to an otherwise decent photo...

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