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Hi I am trying to figure out which camera to buy (Im not asking to help chose a camera) but 1 thing I am hung on is Image Stabilizer. Now I know what it is, but how do pictures come out on cameras that don't

For instance I am looking at the A630 which looks like a very good camera, but doesn't have IS. Now since I won't be using a tripod, will image suffer a lot? or will it still be very good. There is also a A710 with image stabailizer. Looks exactly the same as the A630 except for a bit more money. How would the image quality differ?

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You would have to try it to see, I received a small camera for christmas without IS and I couldn't take a clear shot. I traded it in for the CanonS1IS (a little bigger) and now have no problems (but I've taken photos with the IS off and they weren't too bad) so it may just have been that the other camera was too small for me to hold it quite still.
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Only one of my digital cameras has stabilization and I wish they all did. But you can get by without it in a camera like the A630. The size and good optical viewfinder make for a steady hold and the zoom range isn't so great that you would be limited often.

Stabilization becomes almost a necessity with a 10X or longer zoom if you don't want to keep a tripod handy. Stabilization also helps on little cameras without an optical viewfinder since the hold isn't as steady and flashes are usually weak.

True optical stabilization helps eliminate blur caused by handshake in situations where there isn't quite enough light to generate sufficient shutter speed for the focal length you are using. That can occur with any lens according to the light. It just happens more often with a long zoom.

Stabilization doesn't help at all for subject movement. Since you are able to handhold a crisp photo with slower shutter speeds subject movement can become more of a problem.

It is a desirable feature but not necessay.

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