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Old Dec 24, 2006, 6:59 PM   #21
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Mikaela my God!. I am shocked and so very very sad for you and your boys. What a hard thing to go through today (or any day for that matter). I'm sure there will be a follow up to this story and I wish you would keep us informed if not on the board by private message anyway. With your positive attitude I know you will rebound. When you do looking forward to more "Photographic adventures with Mikaela".

God Bless.
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Old Dec 25, 2006, 11:40 PM   #22
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Holy #%&! I think this is a deed that entitles the bearer to one of those "special places in Hell" that I've heard about. :evil:

Did they leave the birds, at least?

I hope the cops can retrieve something.

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Old Dec 26, 2006, 1:37 AM   #23
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I hope you have insurance..

And that the thieves die of aids.

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Old Dec 26, 2006, 9:32 AM   #24
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Lord have mercy Jesus... my man caught who it was when someone called him to buy MY F'ING CAMERA!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? Stupid mothea;iyuers.

A man we have known for up to 10 years! Our friend!? A man whom watched over me and my kids when my man was on trips! A man that has loaded parents and an education!

A crack head in disquise. And Im such a fool, just the day before he came to see my ol man and like always... come on in buddy! He was acting very antsy because I remember jokingly telling him to sit down bitch, ya making me nervous. I asked him what he was jacked up on, jokingly. No reply because I was joking.

He was casing my house one last time. And that breaks my heart for my husband. I married into this friend, my husband doesnt keep many and chose him unwisely, though that was 10 yrs ago when he was a kid in college. A good kid at that.

The 'kid' is my age but with me having an 18 yr old, everyone seems as a kid to me if not years older than I.

The kid was so fricked up in the head dude... he tried to rob MY house and sell MY shit to MY neighbor! Bold little bastjshdf.

When the call came in about the camera to our friend Art (god this kid is stupid), of course we want a brand new fugi!? Where can we meet!? Art meets him and sure enough, its my camera. The condition reported was it looked 10 yrs old. Had obviously been hiden in something moist and had red clay all over it. Thank God, he didnt buy it or I would be stuck with THAT camera. He said 'Let me send a pic of it to my girl to make sure this is the one she wants'. He snapped the pic and I compared serial numbers... sure enough, my camera. I texted him back with 'Keep it, dont even want it, thanks'.

I get my baseball bat and my truck and I go hunting this lil fus;iker. (Colin Powell lives here yet security is like this?) We cant even get in the gate to get to OUR OWN HOUSE without it being a pain in the ass, yet they let a crack head on a bike (beach bike at that) come in through the woodsand across the golf course? Wouldnt want to be famous around here, for damn sure.

But, I digress. Ok, so Im driving, hunting him like the dog he is and lights everywhere on a side street by his house.I go to see whats up because as I said... stuff just dont happen around here. I look over as I pass and MY SAFE is, my god, tied to the GD car and he had dragged it until it finally popped open. In there he found only my meds (which is life threatening is I go without so I have to go to the emergency today to get more), ALL of our documents that meant anything (birth certificates and titles), my tiffany's diamond cross, which the cops told me I couldnt have back because it was evidence... I said WATCH ME and put it in my pocket and took my documents. The cop got forceful with me trying to take the items back and I calmly explained to him:

Look, Im native american and I have hundreds of years of anger hidden inside of me from people coming up on my land and taking it and everything I OWN. This is a touchy subject with me and I have already been robbed once today. I wont be robbed again. DO NOT touch me or you are going to cause me to get locked up... do I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR? A mad indian tends to take on a poker face and you dont know if they are perfectly calm or on the warpath. Dont test us, it aint perdy.

I must have, he didnt try to take them from me anymore.

Ok, sorry, Im so verbose. So, I walk over to the cop car and tap on the window where he was. The cop lowered it, cant believe that but he did. I looked him right in his face (I was about to spit in it but got a hold of myself and tried to be better than that) and I said: You ought to be a-pure-shamed of yourself man. How could you do this to us... on Christmas eve dude. To your Mama. How could YOU, in your worthless pathetic state have the power to distroy so many peoples lives on such a sacred day. And as a previous poster stated... I said just that... My last words were... there is a special place in hell for people like you 'friend'.

I went to his Daddy, great man. I told him what his boy had done to my family and I had my bat. Anyone that knows me, knows onc the bat comes out, no turning back. He said, take me to my son. I took him. The pain in his Mama and daddys face made me finally give in a cry for myself. His mama was so hurt... her baby locked up on Christmas Eve. They didnt do anything to hurt me, good people.

His daddy invites me back to their house. I was on the warpath so it was best I be around him so I could talk it out... get it out.... so I went to their house because Im friends with the boys brother (who is good like his parents) and I hoped to see him. The whole family was there, which Im sure was soooo embarrassing to the boys mama and daddy.

His daddy said: Mikaela, Im going to make this right for you. Im not doing this for my son, Im done with him. Im not doing this to keep you from pressing charges, for Im not getting him out this time. Im not doing it to help my son. Im doing it because its the right thing to do. He ask me how much I would like the check written out for.

I was like what? Head spinning from everything else. Again, he said 'how much can I write this for so you can replace EVERYTHING of yours and your youngens'. I couldnt give him a figure and didnt feel he needed to pay for this... he past a check to me for 10,000.00 and said... if you find that isnt enough, please call me.

His daddy left him in jail. I didnt press charge, yet. He is still in there and thats good enough for me right now. Im torn as to what to do. I have insurance on the house, of course. His daddy could just pay the deductable... why do I even care?

So, what camera do I buy now? I loved that little fugi, even if it didnt love me. And unless advised pretty strongly otherwise, I will buy the same camera because yall said the camera was good, I sucked.

So, whats da word?
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The guy called from jail and told us where all of our things were and pleaded for his life.

We have our stuff back, not pressing charges but he is in for something else from the past when they got him so he is paying the piper.
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Old Dec 26, 2006, 7:27 PM   #26
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Mikaela, darlin'! Knowing that SOB got nailed has completely made my day! Even though the whole affair has been an elephant-load of crap for everyone involved, the perp found his way swiftly and surely into the hands of the law and fair restitution has been offered.

As to your replacement camera, the one you had was certainly a fine piece of work and another one would serve you well. A quick look at one of the price comparison services has the s9000 going for $389.00 - $650.00. If you want an even lower noise camera, you could consider moving up to a DSLR. There are a number of fine choices that could likely be had for the upper price figure quoted above:

Cameras like the Nikon D40, D50; Pentax K100D, K110D; Olympus E-500 and the Canon Rebel XT will probably give you lower-noise performance than the Fuji.
However, you would be making some sacrifices, too. None of the above DSLR's have the resolution of the Fuji, nor the lens focal length range. You'd have to buy quite a few hundred dollars worth of extra lenses to match the range that the Fuji has.

If the reasons why you bought the Fuji in the first place are still valid, it might be best just to replace it. But, if there are other considerations now, investigate the crop of sub-$1000.00 DSLR's.

Don't be a stranger!

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Im back up and shooting.

Justice has never prevailed for me. I take the law into my own hands, and know better. You wrong me, Im taking you out hopefully before the law... I'll spend my few hours for assault. Then do my 20 hours of community service. Not a big deal to me.

In fact, its worth it to just woop peoples ass like its legal. Otherwise... your left looking like 'damn'.

He sit in that jail worrying about me until he couldnt take it anymore. He called me and told me where my shit was. Does he honestly think I am going to let it die here?

Ha! I simmer. In the dead of the night and more than a year later a horrible tragedy is going to fall upon this man with a wrath only the sickist person could imagine... buying my time.

Best served cold.
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This thread is now closed.

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