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there is a bit of the story on how i got a fingerprint on my C-750 CCD sensor

...but the question is how do i take it of??

the dust or micro particle or what is there that ,maks the pixels in the image look like this


i understood that i can get off with compressed air...right? but the oil in the fingerprint on the CCD and on the lens how do i take that off???
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well you should never use compressed air on your sensor. The moisture in the compressed air can really cause some damage. There are several sensor cleaning tools on the market. I have never used anything other than a bulb blower, but that is not going to work with a finger print. I have heard some good things about Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly, but do not have any personal experience.
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The Search function is a good thing....I think it's mentioned in the 1st post of this Forum.

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csl1131 wrote:
there is a bit of the story on how i got a fingerprint on my C-750 CCD sensor
If you don't mind, I would be pleased to learn how you got a fingerprint on the sensor of an Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom"point & shoot" digital camera THAT DOESN"T HAVE A REMOVEABLE LENS!

Is anybody else interested?
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about a month ago, vhen i accidantly opend the batery door when the camera was on it stoped working completly. with the bateries it would not operate any more....:angry:

but with the DC adaptor(without bateries) worked fine. when i put both the bateries + DC adaptor, the bateries wormed up, like you put them on fire or something, i couldn't hold them in my hand when i took them off the camera.(they could have exploded pohaps if the 4A internal batery fuse didn't blow)

so with the bateries the camera didn't work. what could i do??
get the camera in a service and probably replace the mother board..or at least some expensive bill...i don't think so...
throw the camera away..not a very good option...
open the camera and repair myself.. a good option...

but opening the camera was a bit tricky,because i'm used on opening cell phones not cameras...
eventuly i opened the camera and ,from vhat i could tell , the on board power regulator, for the bateries was dead..replace that..i can't find it..so i did the next best thing...(no,not throw the camera) i bypassed the onboard regulator, and the batery voltaje goes thru the external DC regulator...

so far it is working fine, but the bateries life is a little shorter(10-15%) :|

and when i was about to close the camera i noticed a fingerprint on the CCD, and in some pictures there are some pixels that are of the wrong color, because of the dust, and it's ANOYNG:ak47::x
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I have successfully used a chamois cleaning swab intended for vcr head cleaning, very slightly dampened with vcr head cleaning fluid. It requires a very light touch and a fluid which leaves no residue.

There are a number of products made for cleaning CCD that might be more suitable though.

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