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I am looking to buy a new digital camera, to upgrade my old Olympus 460Z (great first digital cam). I've been using my girlfriends A70 a lot the last few months and love it. I've always liked the Canon digicams i've tried. Another friend just got the A80 and loves it too.

Anyway, i'm looking to get something with more manual features than most P&S style cams have, also i would like at least 6x optical zoom.

My main focus for shooting, will be concerts, mostly at smaller clubs/venues, but possibly also at arenas and outdoors. I do also enjoy taking more artistic photos sometimes as well.

I've been looking at these 3 cameras moreso than all the rest i've seen. The S1 was the first one that caught my eye, and i waited for a few months for it to finally come out . in the process, i was introduced to the Fuji S5000, which i really love the feel/style of, and features-wise it's got most everything i'd need. The Z2 i just recently looked into this past week. The style is a bit odd imo, and it feels a little weird in my hands, but feature-wise it's great too.

Out of these 3, which would you recommend? And if you have any other recommendations, by all means do so. My budget is between $300-500 most likely. I don't really think i wanna go the SLR route, that's a bit more than i'm looking to dive into. At this point this is still very much a hobby camera, but also want more than the average entry-level camera is gonna give me.
Pricewise, i can get the S5000 for $295, the S1 for $430, and the Z2 for $360.
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Hi solace,
I just went through the same process of choosing a 10x zoom digicam by reading reviews and forum threads like this one. Finally today I received my 4Mpix 10x zoom Kodak DX6490 (battery is charging now)
I did consider the cameras you mention as well as other similar cameras such as the Olympus C750 and of course the Kodak.

Since you mention that you want to use the camera to shoot small concerts you will want a cam with good low light performance. For that reason you may want to consider the Kodak which has a hybrid low light IR AF system; its evf is also quite usable in low light. Speaking of the Kodak it also has a very large 2.2" 150kPix LCD and a 180kPix evf, which is more than the competition and certainly makes life easier. The only criticism made to the Kodak is that it does use agressive jpeg compression which results in a slight loss of texture detail ONLY noticeable if you do very large prints (larger than your screen). I am not trying to say the Kodak is the one for you, but since you didn´t mention it, I am letting you know about it.
I´ll tell you why I did not choose the others though:
>S5000: reported poor image quality due to high compression and high minimum ISO (200)
>Z2: fast camera but construction is not solid. I also do not like its LCD-evf 113kPix flip mirror system.
>S1: 3Mpix, reported low performance in low light, do not need the premium IS system
>C750: this camera I liked, its main appeal over the Kodak being its higher quality jpeg files and more advanced manual control (WB, manual focus). Nonetheless I decided did not need the higher quality jpeg files nor did I need such advanced manual controls. And like the other cameras (except the S5000) this camera does not have a focus assist light for low light situations.
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