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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a good 3-500 camera with long zoom and good or moving subjects. I have read bad things about the Canon IS on here and as wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thank you
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The FZ10 gives f2.8 at full zoom and the S1 f3.1. Most other super zooms give about f3.7 at full zoom, which is almost an f stop of light less than the FZ10. F stop is about the only thing that affects your ability to take action shots because that determines how much shutter speed you can generate with the lens full open in a given light situation.

A focus ring can be better than using buttons if you have to focus manually, but the most important thing for manual focus is the quality of the EVF. None of the super zooms have really great EVFs.

Continuous focus mode can be a help for some action. I think all of the super zooms have it except maybe the Olys.

I think the FZ10 is about as good as it gets in your price range. And that isn't really great at f2.8. Just a little better than the other super zooms.

I take it you aren't planning to use the camera for anything but sports. If you were I would highly recommend stabilization. Stabilization doesn't help for subject motion, but makes the camera a lot more useable for subjects not in motion.
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here is an action pic from a Canon 1S IS. It came out ok for my memories. I crop it and enlarge it. I beleive you are loofing at the crop and enlarged file, but not sure.

I am also looking for a better long zoom cameria for sports since the Canon 1S IS is owned by my employer.

I have taken about 200 or so picks of this years baseball season. So come out blurry but i think it is because I shot before the focus was locked in. All shot are taken on rapid fire and at the higest resulation and lowest compression. i.e. largest files.

note: in this pic my sonwas pitching so there was alot of motion.

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Old Jul 1, 2004, 7:10 PM   #4
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for not a lot of money Minolta Z1 works fine - you can pre focus, continuous focus and continuous shoot so you won't miss much - I leave mine set on continuous shoot for scenes like this...

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Are you just looking for a family shooter, or professional. In either case you should be looking at a dSLR for sports/action shots, and professional check out the Olympus E-1 ($1500 not inluding lens).

Most of the cameras listed above have significant shutter lag, and is very difficult to capture the action the instant it happens.
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The Kyocera M410R is a very goo camera with nearly no shutterlag!

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