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Yeah, lighting is one of the major problems faced by macro photographers, and there's really not cookie-cutter solution.

Need more light? How many lamps do you own? :-)

For a lot more money ($250), you could try the Cloud Dome, which looks like a translucent mixing bowl that fits over your lens. I've heard it does wonders for providing good, even lighting. Digi-Slave also makes a slave ring flash, but it's the same price.
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You can use a piece or clear Perspex or glass with a light underneath. I piece of cloth (probably needs to be heavy) can be put underneath to defuse the light. You could shine desk lamps onto it. Or you could brighten this picture up in Photoshop.

That picture is good for eBay, very good in fact. I browse the photography sections each day looking for stuff going cheap and most pictures are out of focus and poorly lit. You'd think the people selling the cameras would know how to take a picture. :lol:
If I were you, I'd open the image in an editor and play with the brightness and contrast levels. It only needs a small amount of editing.
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Thanks for the advice. I will try these ideas out!

Ihad seen some lighting tents advertised and am thinking of trying to make something on my own. Was wondering if any examples had been posted, but after searching haven't found any.

One easy thing I thought of was cutting a piece out of the side of a big (20 gallon) translucent white plastic carboy (that I already have), putting lighting on the sides and placing objects to photograph inside it.

Maybe thats a dumb idea, but I may try it- all I have to buy are the lights themselves.
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