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was wondering if anyone could help out with some aperture, ISO, and shutter speed settings.

The scenario: Indoor low light, with flourescent lights somehwat sparsely scattered. I have a Canon 10d. I am photoghraphing speedskaters(like in the Olympics, just not on ice). I am usually anywhere from 30 feet(at first photo) to 5feet (at last photo in burst mode) away from subjects moving at 15-30mph heading towards and slightly to my side.
It's not hard to take one at a time with a flash, but for my purposes I could really use some settings that would work without a flash.

Not to concerned with noise, not going to

Thanx for any info,

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Well given the parameters you stated I would start at ISO 400 and use Aperature priority. I would then open up the lens to what you want for the DOF (f 4 or less or f8 or more). See what the shutter comes up to, 1/250 or better should be fine. If you can't get there try ISO 800. If you are trying to freeze a spin it might take 1/1000. Obviously you will still need to use the 1/focal length rule also with the speed (unless you have a stabilized lens).

I would use Aperature rather than Shutter because I would want the creativity of including others in the scene (using the DOF). Just like in shooting racing cars practice tracking the skater and continue to move the camera with the subject. Shoot at even a slower speed (1/90 down to 1/60) to show the motion and get a little more creative.

A fewmore notes: The costumes and ice in skatingcan fool your meter be sure to use the EV to compensate or shoot RAW.

Make sure to do a manual white balance. The lights in that arena, will not be daylight balanced and the 10D AWB may not work under them.

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