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I believe the phrase "best glass" is being used in place of lense.

How long have you owned the 20D and how do you like it so far? I am a recent convert from a lower end 35mm (Nikon 2020 w/Nikkor AF 35-135) used for RE appraisal as well as any other excuse to take photos. I am on my second digital (Fujifilm S5000) and about to move to another. I have told myself I need to make a choice between the Nikon D70 and Canon 20D yet I don't believe they are in the same league. Therefore, my choice should be easy. Lenses will be the next hurdle since I am less familiar with which lense fills what needs. The old 35-135 had the macro function and enough range to work as a day-to-day yet I believe I need/want to go well beyond that with my next camera. I'll be interested in reading how you like yours and which lense(s) you are using.

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"Best glass" from Canon is the L series. Many of the L series lenses will costalmost as much if notmore than the 20D.

For instance some very good Canon zooms lenses are the "70-200 F2.8L IS" @ 2700$cdn, and the "17-40 F4L"@ 1000$cdn.

Then you hit the real high end primes like the EF 300mm F2.8L IS USM @ 6000$cdnor the 600mm F4L ISUSM @ 12000$cdn.For some reason don't knowmany people with thesefor hobby use. :lol:

There are also the slower F4L/F5.6L zoom lenses that are quite a bit less expensive for those of us who like to eattoo.:lol:Optically they are very good,just not as fast.

grant.smith wrote:

I don't understand what up mean by 'best glass you can afford' could you elaborate?
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Hi BrierS,

Well the 20D is my first digital camera, I have always previously worked with traditional SLR's and Medium formats and then scanned the film for any digital media.

In short I think its well worth the money and I have only always been amazed at the quality. I went for the 20D because my company wanted me to get a new camera which would work well with my 17" Apple PowerBook and would be capable of producing images for a Litho print of up to about A1. The 300D and the D70 are very similar cameras, apart from I think the D70 feels better made, not so plastic, which is what put me off the 300D straight away. Still a nice camera but I would not put a bet on it surviving a drop.

The only thing I can suggest you do is what I did, my local camera shop let me have each model for a week, you obviously have to leave your Credit Card details. But it gives you a great opportunity to play and make sure it fulfills all your requirements.

This is why I ended up buying the 20D, it fulfills all my requirements without any compromises.
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Well I have a Canon 20D with Grip and 550EX Flash.

I don't understand what up mean by 'best glass you can afford' could you elaborate?
I think others have answered this pretty well. Yes, "Best Glass" in Canon terms means L-series lenses, but that is not to say Sigma or Tokina don't also have some pretty good glass/lenses. It all depends on what you can afford. My friend recently purchased a Sigma 2.8 DX something that is supposed to be comparable to the Canon 70-200 F2.8. I don't think anyone makes anything compariable to the Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS lenses but they cost a arm and a leg.

I hear a lot of people tlk about which camera is better Nikon D70 vs Canon 20D or 300D.. The camera just gives you functionality and features. The best photos I have seen where shot with fairlybasic manaul cameras but with really good lens.

I can't afford the fast L-series yet but I am buying all the F4 L-series lenses I can get my hands on. Quality lenses is important whether you are shooting film or digital Nikon or Canon.


Iplan on upgrading to a 20D soon but not until I have all L-series lens from 17 - 200mm F4. I would not upgrade my 300D to 20D with the same cheap lens I am already unhappy with.

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i umm.. didn't have time to read through everyone's response- as i'm hungry.

just to answer the first question.
the camera series by National Geographic are GREAT!

they have several books on:
-portraits shooting
-landscape shooting
-basics of digital camera and understanding light etc...


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