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I keep reading about firmware and have no idea what it is? Can someone please elaborate.

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It's the software built into the camera that tells the camera how to work. By upgrading the firmware, you can fix problems or add features that are there, but not active.
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The term comes from the computing industry.

Hardware is the bits you can touch like your monitor or camera. Software is the programs that make it all run and are supplied on disks for you to install. Firmware is that bit in between. It's software because it is just computer code to make things run but it's built into the hardware on dedicated chips so it's called firmware.
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snowflake12 wrote:
I Can someone please elaborate.
As one further elaboration, hardware is physical, so always there; software are the "commands"; they are there so long as the power is on, but they disappear when the power is off. Firmware is software (i.e., commands) but they're written into solid-state hardware devices; what this means is that the commands can be changed by rewriting if necessary; but at the same time, since they're written into solid-state devices, they won't disappear when the power is turned off.
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If you've ever wondered what the balck and white writing is that comes onto your pc screen everytime you boot up, before windows starts, that is basically firmware.

It's there, butyou can't really access it. It's software - ie a program - but it tells the rest of the hardware how to do something.

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I would point out that if you intend to upgrade the firmware on something, be sure you are comfortable with what you are doing, and follow the instructions. The most important thing is not to cut the power during the process. If you interrupt the transfer, the device will be left without it's software, including the software for upgrading the software! This is basically like a lobotomy for an electronic device. It's just dead. The manufacturer may be able to fix it by replacing a circuit board, but it'll cost.

I broke a DVD player by trying to upgrade the firmware and then accidentally cutting the power. I couldn't believe I'd done it. So stupid.
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