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When I shoot pictures I keep my camera at SHQ and 2288 x 1712 because I want the best pictures possible for when I have them printed. They look good when printed and when uploaded to my computer. But they are way to big to send in an e-mail being that size. I was wondering if anyone new how to make them smaller so I could send the images to people through e-mail?
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Hi Ken, This can be done using some editing progs & the free Irfanview, if you know what you are doing.

An easier way is to use "A smaller image" prog. This allows you to choose the resulting image size, and also crop if you wish. The original image is retained.

You can find it here:


I am still using the free V2. I now see they have an updated V3, which costs $15.
I can recommend it..
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Hi Ken,

Xat optimizer is another excellent program that is very easy to use and is free.



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Before changing the JPEG compression (almost certainly what the two programs mentioned above do), think about cropping the photo. Since it is on a computer, there is no reason for it to conform to a 4x6" or 8x10" or any other specific aspect ratio. As an example, if it is a photo of an standing person, consider cropping to a very narrow image. If it is a landscape with a somewhat boring sky, you might crop it into a narrow horizontal image.
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Yet another free & easy resizing program that I like is called PixResizer. I don't remember the link off-hand but you can Google the name. It not only gives you numerous resizing options with single images but will handle batch jobs. It will convert image formats too.
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