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Hello Everyone

I have a few questions that have been making it difficult for me to eat and sleep and would be most obliged if people can put me out of my misery by helping me out, thanks

ok here goes....

(a) If you take 2 Outdoor Shots of the city on a P50 (2.1mp) within seconds of each other, same subject shot1 used 1/250th shutter and shot2 used 1/500th, would shot2 capture more detail because it used a higher shutter, does this apply to all DC no matter what megapixel.

(b) People have commented on the FZ20 keeps its aperture at F2.8 throughout its full zoom, what does this mean (Is it a good thing for DC), does it mean that the FZ20 keeps the same field of vision as it zooms in. How would this compare if you were standing in the countryside taking a photo of a forest 1 km away, and you used a T7 with at max zoom (x3 optical) and the FZ20 at only (x3 optical) instead of x12 and a FZ5 at x3 optical. What would be the results, and can someOne show me a example if possible.

(c) My Notebook (Dell Precision M50) has a Ultrasharp Screen UXGA (1600 x 1200) at full screen, Now if you take 3 DC... P50 (2.1mp) T7 (5mp) and 828 (8mp) you take a photo of the same scenery (using tripod) at all 3 dc at highest resoulution. Would you see any diffrence in quality on M50. The reason i ask is that my screen resoultion on notebook is 2 Megapixels (1600 x 1200), I have also seen a plasma LCD 42" which has a computer Resoultion of 1600 x 1200, so 2 of the DC will have do Downsize whole image to 1600 x 1200 (to fit).would all photos look the same on the 42" LCD Screen

(d) Same test but we replace the P50 (2.1mp) with a DSC S75 (3 mp).. Now on the T7 and 828 we select the image options to "3 MegaPixels" and take a photo, Would you see any differance if we viewed the images on my Notebook and the 42" LCD screen. The reason i ask it that I have come to the conclusion that "The Higher The MP, The Bigger You Can Print, Not Better The Quality" thats all down to Lens Quality and CCD processing... SO IF... Sony re-released the 4 yr old DSC P50 (2.1 megapixel) with(i) improved exiting CCD.....OR ....(ii) 1/2.5" CCD.....Or.....(iii) 2/3" CCD ....(Carl Z lens)......at the same keeping it at 2.1 Megapixels would this be ok ...................because i get very good POSTCARD quality prints using photo paper ALREADY...... The New P50 would offer better Quality for Photos to see on a LCD Screen/Notebook/Printing postcard size.

(e) If you take a photo of a Car Park with a P50 (2.1mp) T7 (5mp) 828 (8mp) now if you put these photos on your PC/Notebook and used Adobe PhotoShop to Zoom In as much as possible on the images... Would You Be able to MakeOut and Read More NUMBER PLATES OF CARS WITH THE 828 because its got the highest MegaPixel, Or are All those MegaPixels used for printing purposes only (ie A3 prints)

(f) I have decided to keep my T7 its because I can keep it in my coat pocket and you can never notice its there, so when a photo opportunity comes i can click away...HAVE I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, something which i couldnt do with the P50 (2.1) which has a better lens quality.

also I use the "3 Mp Option" instead of "5 mp" on the T7, is this wise as i wont be printing them

And finanally

(g) How Long would i have to wait (in years) and is it possible with current technolgy to release a DC which....

1) same size as T7 or P200

2) Non Protruding x10 or more optical with Image Stablisation

3) AA Batteries

4) 1" CCD


Zack DeZear

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A: Detail would be the same except for things moving around fast. The faster the shutter the more you freeze motion. The 1/250 shot would have a little more depth of field because you would take it an f-stopslower (asmaller lens opening). DOF isn't usually a problem with a non-DSLR digital camera. That applies to all cameras. You could have a slight difference in quality because some f settings are a little better on some cameras. But that varies with lenses. Some small cameras seem to do a little poorer at smaller lens openings.

B: Cameras usually lose light gathering ability as they zoom. That means you have to use a slower shutter, which can be a problem with a long zoom. The FZ20 does not lose light gathering ability as it zooms.

That has nothing to do with the field of view. As you zoom you get less of the scene in the picture because you have blown up the center part. With an optical zoom you apply all of your pixels to that small part. With digital zoom you are really just cropping out the center part and losing most of your pixels.

This is at 3X zoom

12X zoom:

This is a blowup from the engine on the 3X image (5Mp image):

Blowup from the 12X image (4Mp image):

C: All other things like lens quality and noise being equal they will look the same.

D: Basically the same question and the same answer. Viewed at screen size or printed postcard size there is no advantage to more pixels. If they were putting as much effort into 3Mp sensors and the cameras that use them as they are in more densely packed ones you would get better images for full screen viewing from the lower density sensor. Even with the lower density sensors being older technology they still have a little noise advantage. But the higher pixel cameras are generally faster and have better features.

E: The higher pixel image gives more detail. You would probably have a better chance of making out the numbers on the higher pixel camera. But you could see the numbers better with a 420mm eq (12X) 4Mp camera than you could with the 200mm 8Mp image. See the above examples.

F: I think the T7 is a poor choice if you want to take indoor shots. The flash is pitifully weak and it doesn't let in as much light as other small cameras to shoot with available light. If you still have a choice there are many tiny cameras with better indoor capability.

You get no advantage in image quality or noise by shooting at a lower Mp. Many cameras take you to a lower quality JPG compression, so you often don't get pictures as good. Those pictures are your lifetime memories. You might not always think only in terms of a 2Mp display or tiny print.

G: 1 & 3 You aren't going to get anything as small as a T7 with AA batteries. Not sure why you would want a larger and heavier camera with some cameras already taking 300 best quality shots on their proprietary lithium batteries. And that number seems to be increasing every year.

2 & 4 Electronics, power and sensor density seem to be improving every year. But the relationship between sensor size and lens size are more governed by optics. The only way you will get a 10X zoom in a camera the size of the T7 is with a really tiny sensor. Even at 3X the non-protruding lens cameras are having f-stop limitations. At the rate they are improving the density they might be able to produce such a tiny sensor someday that doesn't have terrible noise. But I think they will eventually run into quantum limits. In any case cameras with larger sensors will still be better.

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