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heh heh. I feel the same way. You have to have a hobby as well as a job. I'm better at my current job, so I'll keep photography my hobby. (Also, I would like to eat once in a while)
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DomCotton wrote: I have started to look at the photos that I have and am trying to pull out my favourites. Also at the same time I am looking at them thinking "if only that guy wasn't there....!?" or "If I could have just got a little higher.....". I suppose I am starting to criticise what I once thought were fantastic shots. [/quote]

I'm learning just how difficult that is to do. I have emotions about the subject and about what i was doing at the time of the photograph. To put those aside and concentrate only on what is in the image is hard work, and a great skill to learn.

Recently I submitted a couple of digital images for judging at a local camera club. I'm really glad I did. I got a lot out of the judges commentary on my images and on the other people's images that were judged. My images were among the worst that were being judged, but I didn't care, I'm looking forward to doing that again. If you have a camera club in your area that does digital you may want to look into it.
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Just my opinion, but if you're enjoying photography, you're not wasting your time, period. Unless you're trying to sell your photos, the only person you have to please is yourself. The fact that you aren't happy with your current shots means that you will probably strive to do better, which is a good thing.

As for getting a better camera, I think you should get the best one you can afford, especially if the hobby is important to you. As a previous poster noted, once the bug bites you, you always want better equipment (at least, that's been my experience). I bought a Digital Rebel when they first came out, and now I'm itching to buy a 20D. I'd love to get a Canon EOS 1D, but it's just out of the question for my budget. I invested in a Canon L lens, and now I want another one. I'm on my third camera bag, and I need a bigger one. It never ends!

Good Luck; enjoy yourself.
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i think you're on the right track. your pictures aren't bad at all... but if you want to improve, just take thousands more.

seriously, everyone needs practice. even the great photographers on these boards started somewhere, and i bet if you ask them, they'll tell you they're still learning and practicing new techniques.

your camera has something to do with the quality of the picture itself, but nothing to do with your inherent ability to find a good picture, compose it, and shoot it. your 'photographer's eye' is what you must develop.

even little dinky point-and-shoots can take beautiful pictures. keep practicing... and bring a camera with you everywhere! you never know what youll find.

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even little dinky point-and-shoots can take beautiful pictures. keep practicing... and bring a camera with you everywhere! you never know what youll find.
Totally true. I have a SLR but I take my A520 everywhere with me. If I forget to take it there is usually something that would make a very nice picture. Take it everywhere with you!!!!!
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I'm going through the same thing and I think a big part of my problem is that I went and got a 20D before I was ready for it. I still love my hobby and want to improve so I don'tfeel that I'mwasting my time. I just feel that I should have stuck with a P&S and learned more about composition and lighting and stuff of that nature before I got a SLR. I beat myself up for a while because I thought that with a 20D I should be taking amazing pics but wasn't. I hada lotto learn just to use the camera that I purchased to take decent pics, much less amazing. My shots actually got worse after the new camera because I wasn't knowledgeable enough to use it properly. Just my experience with a similar problem. Still learning and have a LONG way to go but it's still fun. (sometimes frustrating :angry:but you get the idea!)

Thanks and have fun!

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