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sandtowd Oct 18, 2005 10:05 PM

IT there a way to put the movies the camera to computer then burn to cd ? I know there is, just don't know how. The camera is a Kodak DX 6490, all I have is the std software and some other photo programs, Nero 6.0

KCan Oct 18, 2005 10:24 PM

You can make a video CD or a standard format DVD to play in standard DVD player with NeroVision Express ,itlooks a bit like nero which you are already familiar with .

There is also Windows Movie Maker included with Windows XP, but I never used it yet to make a videoCD/DVD. It works well to basically edit videoclips though.

sandtowd Oct 18, 2005 10:55 PM

thanks. I'll go try those out right now. Nero must be another program, but I'am on XP and have seen movie maker. I've had this camera maybe 2 weeks now and it's a whole new world

juandelacruz Oct 19, 2005 7:35 AM


I can share to you some of my experience. I've been transferring movies for the part 3 years. I have an analog Hi8 and miniDV video Cams. The principle is the same if you have a digital camera. These are the steps

1. Transfer to computer, in this case you do not need to do this since you already have the movie in the file, unlike in the video cam, I have to capture.

2. Encode or convert the movie , depending on the format that you want there are many that you can select but the commonly used are VCD, SVCD and DVD

VCD (Mpeg-1) for NTSC 352 X 240 @ 29.997 frames per second

PAL 352 X288 @ 25 frames per second

DVD ( Mpeg-2) - double the size of VCD

You will need software to convert to this format before you can burn. There are many software but there is a good software that is free, it is called Tsunami MPeg or simply TMPEG, you can download from the net.

3. Burn the movie. Movie format is different from other files. If you are using Nero 6.0 ( which is I also use), you can select in the project as video not as data, then you can drag the file that you want to burn.

Nero will tell you if the file (MPEG only) is not compliant with the standard. You will be given two choices, either burn the file as is but it is not guaranteed that it can be read by most video players or you can have it encoded by Nero. Nero has a buil in encode which is I do not like because it is quite slow and you do not know what is happening when it is encoding.

That's it.

There are now cheap DVD player that can directly play any MPEG including DivX which is MPEG 4. If you have this kind of player, you do not have to worry about the format. If your camera uses MOV (quick time) , I gues you have no choice but to convert.

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