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I was about to buy the Canon A620, when I discovered an apparent flaw in all the canon cameras known as an 'E18 error' in which the faulty zoom mechanism causes the camera to get stuck. Apparently the only way to fix this is to send it back to canon and pay them about $100 to fix it.

Oddly enough the demo for the A520 at the store I was in had a stuck zoom mechanism...but not the A620.

Has this problem been reported with the A620?

How can canon get away with selling this camera with such a defect?

Why is this not mentioned in Steve's review of this camera?

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If you want a bunch of anecdotal evidence (both ways), check out this thread.

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Pretty much ALL digital cameras, including the dSLR's, are considered disposable. So it really doesn't matter what brand or model you buy, it's a disposable camera!

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Hope I'm not too late - I have a well cared-for, month-oldA620 with the E18 error. I currently own 3 digital cameras and have owned tons of digital and film equipment over the years. This is the first time I've had a problem like this, and given the history of E18 problems associate with Canon A series cameras, I'm not inclined to blame myself for the problem.
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The infamous E18 error means that to much dirt has penetrated the lense mechanism. To avoid this kind of camera death I recommend to clean the upper side of the retracting parts of the lense with your hand before turning off the camera. This should be done for any digicam - not only for Canons.
Here in Germany Canon E18 camera are selling for a remarkably high price, because there are quite a few people, who dismantle such an E18 camera, then clean it and put it together again. There are even some instructions for this procedure on the internet.
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