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GratefulFred Nov 22, 2005 3:32 AM

After reviewingall the vast knowledge here& hours of comparison shopping I have my 1st dig. camera narrowed to 2) choices (refer tosubject).

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H1 (or)

Canon PowerShot S2 IS

For the life of me: I'd buy the Sony, but that swiveling head on the Canon could be extremely useful in some applications, and I'm leery of Sony's proprietary stuff: like memory cards, and all the to do about them planting malware on their products.

Example: all the stuff I have been reading about their CD's that plant malware to keep people from copying discs too much.

On the Sony: it simply seems to take sharper pics, and the larger display looks nice, and clearer!

If I could find a retail store where someone could actually demo both right in front of me: I'd probably have a better idea. Problem: Either the stores haveone workingversion or the other, or both with only 1) working at the time. No one can give a decent demo on the Canon's macro capability!


I'd like to just get this over when the multiple pricing battles hit starting this weekend.

Any experience or help reaching a decision would be greatly appreciated!


E.T Nov 22, 2005 5:30 AM

For normal macro photography tele macro is better because it doesn't cause lot of distortion and camera won't shadow target so easily. In that Canon has very slight advantage.
For going really close Canon has super macro which enables it to focus on even dirt on lens so closest focusing distance should be more than enough.

And without knowing exact settings and such you shouldn't look too much things like Disneyland-look of images (colorfulness and sharpness), you can affect to those by changing settings. (and I'm quite sure Sony uses saturation increasing and hard sharpening even with default settings)

Also as small detail Canon's EVF has diopter adjustment which might be handy if you use glasses.
Canon also uses quiet zoom motor, I think Sony is in average class in that because there's no special mention about that.

And have you tried them in your hand? Apparently Canon should fit better for smaller hand than Sony.

GratefulFred wrote:

about them planting malware on their products.
Example: all the stuff I have been reading about their CD's that plant malware to keep people from copying discs too much.
Actually it should be called as virus because that's what it does.
Just to list few things, messes with operation of OS in core level, "calls home", opens huge security hole, breaks people privacy... and actually that piece of sh*t itself breaks copyright laws.
And their "removing tool" actually leaves worst parts of it still into PC.

GratefulFred Nov 22, 2005 6:11 AM


Canon has super macro
To this day, with all the comparing: I have yet to have have someone demo that feature, and I can't seem to find any details about that feature.

Sounds intriguing for taking mobo. VGAserial number shots for ebay auctions, etc.

Any links you might suggest ??& Thanks for the reply!

E.T Nov 23, 2005 1:37 PM

I actually noticed it first in Dpreview's review but it's also mentioned in "mother site" of this forum.

Page also has quite nice image pair of cameras showing positioning of controls.
(IMO Sony's 4 way controller is way too down, maybe its meant for someone with thumb in the middle of palm, literally&physically)

Damn... looks like Canon has other interesting features. (What I've read apparently not too many cameras have possibility to use optical zoom while taking video)

Individual movie clips can last as long as 60 minutes... features such as optical and digital zooming, manual focus... available for greater freedom and flexibility while shooting movies. Have you ever missed a photo-op because you had to switch from video to still or vice versa? Not anymore! Now with the new MovieSnap feature it is possible to capture still images at resolutions up to five megapixels while recording movies.

GratefulFred Nov 23, 2005 7:51 PM

Thanks ET!

Doesn't anyone else (no offense ET) have an opinion on this please?


toshi43 Dec 9, 2005 2:40 AM

Of course I do. Why do you ask?

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