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I am trying to figure out what I need to do, my pictures look horrible. I have the camera set to Auto and when I try to take an indoor picture without flash the image is all blurry and kind of yellowish. I so want to be abel to take some nice natural light photos but they don't seem to turn out. And when I use the flash I get a clear picture but the people or objects are all washed out. Any tips???

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Light that looks good to your eye isn't necessarily enough for a digital camera with a small sensor. You don't have stabilization or good high ISO capability, so the only answer for indoor shots without flash is a tripod. Even with a tripod there can't be any subject movement or you will get blur.

Half depress the shutter and look at the shutter speed. The general rule for handheld shots is that you need the reciprocal of the 35mm equivalent focal length. That means you need at least 1/30 second in wide angle and 1/350 at full telephoto. You probably aren't generating those speeds indoors – especially at telephoto.

For flash shots try lowering the flash intensity if it is burning things out.

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If the shot looks yellowish, this is because your White Balance thinks you're outside rather than using lightbulb-lighting. Lightbulbs'light is yellowish, but our eyes adjust so we don't notice. When indoors, change the White Balance to Tungsten Lighting (the symbol is usually a light bulb) and the camera will adjust, like your eye, and make everything less yellow. But make sure that later you change it back to "auto" (or whatever the situation calls for) otherwise your pictures look blue (if you leave the white Balance on Tungsten Lighting when you're not supposed to).

As for the blurriness of your low-light pictures, I have tons of tips at


Basically:set your aperture wide open andyour shutter speed around your equivalent focal length, and adjust your ISO so that the brightness looks all right. (Or take pictures that are a tad dark and fix them later in Photoshop). Use the viewfinder, not the LCD screen. Keep your elbows firmly against your chest so that your arms shake less. Press the shutter button slowly. (This is all explained much more thoroughly in the link above)
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Last oly I tried out took terrible pictures too.
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