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I'm not talking about polarizer filiters but rather the options within a camera to shoot a picture in Black & White, Sepia, etc. Are there any advantages to doing this in the camera as opposed to post-shoot in software such as Photoshop? Or are these functions simply meant to assist those who don't have post-editing software?
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It's similar to in-camera sharpening or suturation. It saves you time in post processing but you give up control because you are using a computer algorithm to adjust something visual. That's the trade-off. Whether to use it or not depends on how picky you are about the final result. In my case, I prefer not to use in-camera sharpening or additional noise reduction (beyond what the camera forces on you) so I can apply those things selectively. B&W is still an applied conversion so it's similar to these other things.
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I'd always convert to B&W in post processing. That way you have both colour and B&W shots and can choose which to use.

Also you get more control of the process if you use a conversion technique such as the one describeed here

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I look on these as novelties - fun to play with once. Why limit yourself to what the camera gives you if you have editing software? Taking the shot in color at the highest resolution the camera provides allows you more options later. This is the reason I shoot mostly RAW - allowing more options and more control over the final product.

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