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Default 10x Optical Zoom Decision

Im goin to get myself a new camera but I am looking for any opinions to aid me on my decision. im lost between 4 cameras: Kodak DX6490, Olypmus C-750 and the Minolta Z1 and a Hewlett-Packard 945.

-I will be using my camera on a lot of outdoor shots, shooting nature and shooting images such as the bridges that are here in the bay area. I also like to shoot from hills to see the entire bay

-Now I kno the HP is only 8 optical but it is also 7 digital which makes it total zoom the most powerfull out of the 4. It boosts the most megapixels at 5,300,000 or 5.3. But this camera is also kind of bulky which I dont like and very plain looking $500

-Kodak intriged me because of the printing dock which had demonstrations in all the stores I visited. It also boosts the biggest LCD display out of the group and is the easiest to use. it has a 10x optical and a 3x digital zoom. it has 4 megapixels. but ti is also very bulky and bland $500

-the olympus is the smallest out of the 4 but it is also kinda bulky. It has a 10x optical and a 4x digital zoom at 4.1 megapixels. I never got to test run this camera in any of the stores but from the looks it is good. $550

-The minolta offers the least amount of megapixels out of the bunch at 3.2 but still hosts a 10x optical and 4x digital zoom. I havnt been able to get my hands on one of these in any of the stores so its hard to review it, and also best buy, where i will be getting my camera on my friends employee discount didnt have it at the time. $400

-Now based on these 4 camera im open to suggestion on which 1 u would prefer and why. Which would be good for low light or some kind of night shooting. How much would the shutter speed take in affect on that.
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Zoom seems to be an important factor for you (given your comparison so far) so I will restrict myself to making some comments on that.

The digital zoom number is not interesting in your comparison. What it does is just cropping the image on camera (and if you are really unlucky it will interpolate them again to full size ).

You can always crop your images while postprocessing them on your computer, and interpolate them if you think that will improve print quality. In case this is too technical, just remember that digital zooming will reduce your image resolution (and thus lower image quality).

The more megapixels a cam has the more cropping you can do while retaining a reasonable resolution in the end-result. Just as a quick (rough) comparison, you have 1.25 times more pixels in a 5M camera as opposed to a 4M camera (5/4). So you can crop an image 1.25 times more than with a 4M picture and come up with the same resolution. In effect this means you have more zoom capacity when you are satisfied with "4M" image quality.

If you have a 10x optical zoom you have a 1.25 times better optical zoom ability than with 8x zoom ( 10/8 ).

This means that in terms of zooming capabilities the 5M and 8x optical zoom, and 4M with 10x optical zoom effectively are the same. The minolta is worse than the others in terms of resolution.

Zoom is only one of the factors in deciding which camera is good for you. Personally I find image quality (color reproduction, lens distortions and abberations) more important than the zoom capactity.

Hope this helps some.
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Considering the price of the other cameras you are looking at, you should also consider the new Panasonic DMC-FZ10 which is a 4MP 12x Optical stabilized zoom. Pay no attention to digital zoom, it's useless.

I myself have the FZ1 (which is the 2MP version of the camera). You can find more discussion on the FZ10 on the Panasonic forum right here at Steve's.
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I have had the Kodak DX6490 for about a month now and I'm very pleased with it. Pictures speak louder than words, below are a few examples of photos I have done. Most are in P mode with ISO 80 and resized/cropped in PS.

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when I first began looking for a camera i fell in love with the sony dsc v1, do u guys think i should go with that one, how does it compare, how is its wide angle shooting and the major factor that threw me off was the fact that it seemed 1 hella confusing of a cam since its basicly all manual
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