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Default 2560 x 1920, 2080 x 1560, 1600 x 1200, 640 x 480??????

Which is the preferred size? I know the smaller uses less space which means more images, and the larger creates larger file size and is better for closeup detail, but what does everyone usually go with? Also what is the print size equivalent?
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I donít try to outthink myself. I just take at the best quality since I donít really know when I might get a great shot I want to put on the wall at 13 X 19. Get a decent sized memory card and forget anything less than best quality JPG would be my advice.
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First of all, you go with whatever floats your boat. If you make lots of big prints, then you should use the maximum quality your camera allows. On the other hand, if you shoot mostly for a website, it doesn't pay to use excessively high quality, since monitors only have 72dpi resolution anyway, so most anything beyond that is going to get wasted.
The dot sizes refer only to how many pixels large they are (=information), so there are no absolute "print equivalents." You can take a large (pixelwise) image and reduce it to postcard size (produces a high-quality small image), or blow up a smaller one (resuts in lots of digital artifacts = noise, but it can be done). The most "information" will be in an image with lots of pixels, but how good a print results at any given enlargement depends in part on the quality of your printer, and in some degree on your handiness in the digital darkroom. What you should do is to play around with different image quality settings (e.g., take the same picture at several different quality settings), then try printing each one out at various sizes, and see how they differ. Then you can tell yourself "this quality setting produced good prints up to xxx mm by xxx mm" and "this other lower quality setting produces good prints for me only up to xx mm by xx mm" and so on. There aren't many absolutes here.
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None of the above

i shoot only at 3072 x 2048 high quality jpeg (about 2.5 mbyte per photo),or raw (about 6MB) , when i'm not going to take many photos , and i configured my camera in a way that i can change the size/quality

Memory is so cheap, i see no reason to limit myself to a lower resolution. (i've got 2.5 Gigabyte of Compact flash for my camera)

What always happens when you're shooting in medium res:
suddenly you take a fantastic photo wich you want to have printed as large as possible, and you can't because the image is to small.
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