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shaun46 May 16, 2005 11:34 PM

Hi there,

I'm considering purchasing the cheaper Canon SD200 instead of the SD300, because I don't plan on making prints larger than 6x4/5x7. Regarding macromode and taking super up-close pictures of things, would the 4mp be higher quality than the 3.2? -or is the only difference still that the SD300 only makes larger prints than the SD200? Thanks for your help!


JimC May 20, 2005 8:54 PM

At a 5x7" print size, the4 Megapixel Model would give you approximately 329 pixels per inch of detail after cropping for the correct ratio of width to height (2304 pixels / 7 inches ~= 329).

The 3 Megapixel Model would give you approximately 292 pixels per inch of detail at the same print size (2048 pixels / 7 inches ~= 292).

Personally, at typical viewing distances, I can't tell the difference once you get to around 200 pixels per inch. Some users claim 300 is better (but I don't look at my prints with aloupe). You're pretty darn close to 300 pixels per inch anyway at an 5x7" print size from a 3 Megapixel model.

I doubt you'd see any real world difference at 8x10" print sizes, much less 5x7". You're only looking at a 12% difference in pixel density between these two models.IMO, it would take alarger image than you're planning to print atbefore the human eye would be able to discern the differences (and you tend to view larger prints from further away anyway). ;-)

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