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Default 4500 or S602

I need advice - I've decided to go digital and can't decide between a Nikon 4500 or a Fuji S602. My main hobby is macro work of small plants. From the reviews I've read, both have close macro but one review I read said that the S602 was "very fiddly" to use the 1cm super macro mode, as it has a "microscopic zone of focus". A dealer tells me he's sold a few 4500's to dentists for macro work. Can someone with experience or knowlege of both recommend which I should go for?

I've been using a Pentax SLR with a Vivitar 1-1 Macro lens for years and getting excellent results - check out my website and picture galleries at www.conophytum.com
With digital, I don't understand how "macro to 1cm or 2cm" relates to my SLR macro lens 1-1 life size capability. Anyone enlighten me please?

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I only have first hand experience with the 4500.

This camera does fantastic Macro work and offers so many different combinations of manual and automatic settings that even someone like me manages to get excellent results.

The lens is also important to me and I would trust Nikon optics over most consumer brands and models.

Nikon also offers nice add on lenses and filter sets for even more versatility in shooting options. Costs a bit for all this, but you get really nice results from what I have personally seen and in posted results.
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My friend has the 602 and I wish I did - it's a great piece of kit. Macro down to 1cm.
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Default 4500

The swivel body, fantastic picture quality and the host of user controllable features make the 4500 hard to beat. I think I'm going to have mine grafted into my body and have neurons hooked to the battery so I can trickle charge it.
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Default For macro work - nothing campares with the CP4500

Hi Cono,
I have them both (CP4500 - S602Z). For macro work the CP4500 is by far the "best" available digicam - it has no peer among the new cameras in this respect.

The S602 has reasonably good macro capabilities and is otherwise an excellent little camera. The CP4500 has fantastic macro capabilities which far exceed the S602 in terms of flexibility, image quality, lack of distortion and so on.

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