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Is 4MP enough for an amateur photographer???

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Boily wrote:
Does 4mp is enought for an amateur photograph ???
Let me rephrase that: "Is 4MP enough for an amateur photographer?"

The answer depends on a lot of things, including what kind of photographs you like, and how good the sensor and optics are, but primarily, "do you intend to crop images?" and "how large do you intend to print your photographs?"

If you intend to crop heavily and then print the results at 11x14, then NO, 4MP is probably not enough. But if you intend to crop little or none at all, and print no larger than 8x10 (A4), then definitely Yes, 4MP is enough. I have gotten some excellent results from my C-755, printed at up to A4. In short, there are a number of variables to think about.

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A 4mp will easily print nice 4 x 6's, and even 8 x 10's as long as you don't crop the image too much.

There are many types of amateur photographers.

If you want to learn about photography, get a camera with manual controls such as aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual.

Thenyou can play around with the photographic variables,learn to control your shots, and generally have fun experimenting.

-- Terry

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I have a 4MP Fuji S5100 and love it. I agree with the poster about getting one with full manual control like my fuji. It really helps alot.

Regarding print size if you are interested you can use my ppi calculator at http://www.mattspinelli.com/ppicalc.html or to compare megapixels use http://www.mattspinelli.com/mpcalc.html.

Keep in mind that megapixels aren't the most important thing regarding cameras Lens quality and sensor size are more important. You don't want 8 MP on a itzy bitzy chip. IT would produce very noisy images. 4MP on a medium sized chip would probably produce wonderful low noise images. Dynamics, color, and other factors are important to consider as well.

Regarding PPI (or dpi when printing) 300 will give you the sharpest images.A full frame portait of a personcould easily be printed at 125-150ppi+ and look nice, landscapes at 200-225ppi+. The reason a landscape generally requires more PPI is because it will have alot more detail than a persons face ever will.

with 4 mp in 4:3 format you could print at the following PPI:

4 x 6 = 384.83
5 x 7 = 329.86
6 x 8 = 288.63
6 x 9 = 256.56
8 x 10 = 216.5
8 x 12 = 192.42
8.5 x 11 = 203.76
10 x 13 = 173.2
10 x 15 = 153.93
11 x 14 = 157.45
12 x 16 = 144.31
12 x 18 = 128.28
13 x 19 = 121.53
16 x 20 = 108.25
16 x 24 = 96.21
18 x 24 = 96.21
20 x 30 = 76.97
24 x 36 = 64.14
30 x 40 = 57.73

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thanks a lot for the informations!!!!!!
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