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Default A60/70, P72, P8.....ugh!!!!!

As you can see, I really have no clue. Right now I have a Nikon N65. I am constantly using the full zoom, as if I get too close to my kids when taking pictures, they just grab for the camera, start screaming when I won't give it to them....and pictures are all over.

So I'd say optical zoom is important to me. However, small size is as well. The size of my current camera (the Nikon N65) is the reason we have no pictures of vacations or most special events. The thing is huge. It's not realistic to take it places when I already have with me all of the stuff my kids need - incl all of their food since they both have significant food allergies.

So now i'd say optical zoom and size are both very important. However, that's not a great combination of important features since I know that camera's with more o zoom have to be slightly larger to accomodate all of that lens...

So here's my list of what I'd love to have:
1) very little shutter lag....FIL has the sony mavica something or other that cost a fortune last summer and we can't ever get good pics of my kids b/c of the shutter lag
2)as much o zoom as possible
3)in a very compact camera (like the casio exilim - LOL)
4)under $400US? negotiable though b/c the other things are more important
5)don't care as much about mp's as long as it's at least two, but i'm sure anything in the price range I've set would be at least two.
6)movies - just short but with sound, nothing fancy beyond that.
7)I couldn't care less if the thing has any manual controls.....I have *never* used one of the nifty featurs on my camera. Never.

Anyone have any ideas? I love reading reviews, but the more I read, the more I love....I don't seem to have any luck narrowing things down. as much as I'd love to read every review everywhere, I do need to get a camera soon, hopefully ordered within a few days so I have it in a week/10 days for vacation.

I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions.

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what about the pentax optio 550 - 5x ozoom, but sheesh, that seems like alot more camera than what I need.

or the casio exilim z3 (3x ozoom which won't probably be much compared to what I'm used to on my N65 will it?) but it does seem to have very very little shutter lag and does seem to have lots of cool features - least of which is size....it's veyr small. I probably don't need one that small, but it wouldn't suck

What about the finepix 2800- lots of zoom.....it's a little bigger than most, but still for me, alot smaller than the beast I'm attempting to use right now.

Sony cybershot C8 seems pretty cool, the black and white option, the movies

also the Panasonic Lumix FZ1 looks fantastic....

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The Panasonic Lumix FZ1 sounds right up your alley.

Point and shoot with a Leica lens, 12x zoom, and image stabilization? Awesome.

Only 2 megapixels? Not so great, but for album sized pics (4x6), it's enough.
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Oh lauren!!!!!! I'd practically decided on the exilim when I read you post. Now I just went back and read over the panasonic. Wow. oooh hooo! Beautiful camera.

Thanks so much for your info and help

katherine in atl
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