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tc100 Dec 26, 2003 11:58 AM

Advice on Camera - 6X, Webcam, filter
I would appreciate advice from someone who knows digital cameras. I would like an easy to operate digicam with the following capabilities:

1. Minimum 6X optical zoom

2. Compact size - preferably fit in pocket, but not essential

3. Superior photo quality

4. Not larger than 3 megapixel. preferable 2 megapixels

5. Threaded lense to allow protective filter.

6. Double as webcam

I take primarily travel pixs and would like to be able to get better distance shots than possible with my Finepix 1400. It looks like the Finepix 2800 would be a good option, but it is unthreaded so I would not be able to add a filter to protect the lense. The Finepix 3800 is threaded but it does not take small sized pixs that are easy to send via email.

I would welcome any suggestions. Pls. reply to: [email protected] Thanks much.


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