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Default Advice Needed :)

Here goes....

I'm very new to the digital camera world and have only been researching for a week or so. I am leaving for a five week trip to Egypt and Thailand in two weeks and I'm seriously considering buying a digital camera. It will get a lot of use when I am home, but being able to take my camera on long trips is also a priority.

In light of the reviews, articles, camera shop visits and my budget I've finally narrowed my choice down. This is how it goes

Fuji FinePix 3800
128MB x-D card
Nixvue Digital Album 20GB
Rechargeable battery kit (with 8 NiMH batteries all up)

What do you think? Obviously storage is going to be a key issue with travel. In Australia all I have been able to find available in storage devices is the Nixvue. Also I figured the 128mb card would be useful, so that I could get almost each days worth of shots on it and download them onto the nixvue each night- without having to worry about doing it during the day.

Some of the downsides to the 3800 seem to be focusing in low light and using AA batteries.

If I take two sets of NiMH (one for back-up) that should be enough for a days shooting (I can recharge at night). How do the rechargers go using power travel adapters?

Anyway I'm really just after some advice/suggestions. Do you think I have made some good choices? Also is what I have listed all that would be necessary for me to take?

Phew...sorry for the long-winded post.

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I think I've hit my first problem- doesn't seem like the Nixvue supports x-D :roll:
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You appeared to have made concrete decisions in your preparation for the trip. I not familar with Nixvue Digital Album 20GB . You can check out the X drvie VP 2030. You can install any size laptop hard drive you want. Steve reveiw the item under accessories digital storage.
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I think I'd add a second XD card - better to avoid having to carry the Nixvue around all day just in case you fill your only card and need to upload it during a day's shooting. You'd have trouble filling 2 cards in one day, unless you shoot TIFFs.

I use a very similar set up for very similar reaons. Olympus C4000, 4x64Mb Smartmedia cards, 10Gb Image Tank, 2 sets of 1800 MaH NiMH batteries and a fast charger.

You have to be organised. In all probability one set of batteries will last a day. When you get back to your accommodation in the evening, upload all cards you've used to the Nixvue, switch the batteries in the camera for the fresh set and put the used set on charge. At the start of each day, the aim is to have all cards empty and all batteries fully charged.

My wife uses a digital, too, so we have to be extra organised: between us we carry 6x64Mb cards and 4 sets of batteries but only one Image Tank and one charger. The scheduling can get a little tight. Make sure your charger will do a set of batteries in no more than 2 hours, that way if you do need to recharge 2 sets you can do one during the evening and the second overnight.

Also, remember that where you're going power cuts are a way of life and in some areas there is no power at all. If you're heading up into the hilltribes in northern Thailand, you could be several days with no way to recharge batteries. In which case, get enough to allow one set per day away from power.

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Default comment

What resolution photos are you taking? Will you be making another trip so you can take more photos?

Well I eat up a 256 MB card in a day when I am in a good site. You better get a nixvue and take plenty of batteries.

I take the highest resolution my camera will take (14MB tiff) so the
good pics will print out good photos. You need lots of good pixels for good prints. The monitor is easy to please, but getting actuals prints...that takes lots of resolution!

If this is a special trip be prepared and take high resolution photos and PLEASE share them. Id love to see them. Pbase.com is a good place to share photos.

Shoot good and have fun !

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