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Default Advice needed- digicam with the fastest turn around time

Hi all,

I don't know if I am using the correct terminology in my subject line, but here is what I need in a digital camera... maybe someone could point me in the right direction...

I will be using my camera to take pictures at concerts.. of both the bands and the people in the crowd. As such, here are the things I am looking for:

- It needs to be easliy concealed. I'll need to be able to sneak it into concerts as security often won't allow cameras.

- It needs to be able to take multiple pictures in rapid sucession. I can't have a camera that takes a long time to record the image... I need to be able to snap mutiple pictures quickly

- It should have a fast auto focus, or the ablilty to turn off the auto focus. I shoot a lot of crowd shots, and need to be able to snap a picture of a subject in motion, and at a moments notice

- It should work well both outdoors in the daytime, and in low light situtations inside.

Is there a camera out there that will suit my needs? The PowerShot S400 is appealing because of its size... but will it do what I need it to?

I'm looking to spend somewhere in the $500 range. I want a decent camera, and I don't want to die if I lose it in a crowded concert.

Thanks so much for any advice you could offer...
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Here's two small cams, the Casio exilmS2, Minolta DimageXi.

Check the specks to see if they suit.

Also Oly C220 and the low end Fuji range might suit but are bigger though.

Light will be a problem especially if you can't use flash sneaking around.

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